Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Sorry to hear you missed out. On ebay its a case of Carpe diem, especially with some of the more obscure offerings that turn up from time to time. I spent 5 months umming and arring over the perfect bike on the bay, which didn't sell cos the frame was huge - and then it sold - and only then I realised I should have bought it. The Moser frame above (­) is my attempt to recreate what I missed out on - and it will be great when its built, plus a land of fun along the way.

    If you don't mind my asking - how tall are you?

  • That is a good looking bicycle in the picture you sent. My interest is to find a 70cm vintage frame from the 1950's that was built a light weight touring frame. I am drawn to old stuff and even the new Bilenky tandem we had built used a 1970's old school Phil Wood disc brake as the rear hub 'drag-brake' I don't own any frame other than the Bilenky that is newer than 1984. So I will wait around and see what comes along. The seller (Paul) eBay ID: yellowsweeptwo actually seems to have taken the bike for free as a gift on freecycler listing in the UK. The intent there is not to convey things for resale..;. but to 'pay-it-forward, as a kindness to be used by the recipient. I know this because I was able to actually track down the former owner that gave the complete bike away only last month. Apparently....Paul striped it down and sold the parts off then sold the frame on eBay. That wasn't the idea. To add to the sadness in Paul’s (apparent) behavior>>> When I asked him who the former owner was; I was told that he (Paul) got it from a Tipper (a garbage man) and that there was no way I could get the history from this 'tipper' . The appears to have been a bold faced Lie.
    I then spent days trying to ID the frame on French bicycle forums because it looked like a classic Bertin seat stay treatment. The French Forums sent me to the UK where I went to the mat tracing the British Postal Code on the BB. I found the original owner that gave the bike to Paul after days and days working the leads. It came thru a very observant bike shop owner who remembered the frame from 1984 and was good friends with the owner at that time (who was a British clergy man of some type named Martin) I digress here but the fellow posing as a nice guy on eBay seems to be rotten at the core, he lied to me, resold a gift from some sort of a priest, then did not have the will to respond to my queries knowing how much work I was/did put into this.
    However, the totally bright side is I now have a fantastic and likeminded friend in the UK named Ian who was the bike shop owner, a true silver lining in that we are cut from the same cloth in many ways and only met thru this frame.
    I am 198cm if I stand tall and if I slouch I am 195, my crotch height (Rivendell Grant measured) is 98cm
    I think your bike looks fantastic,

    Post Script... woops; just realized you are communicating on a UK Forum.... I didn't need to translate a tipper for you! I guess my head is swimming in 'new' forums, countries, and threads over this frame. I've never pursued anything this way before... I really liked that frame.

  • Hey there,

    I've spotted a carbon tubular wheelset for sale locally. First I though is a wh-7801 set, but hubs are different - rims seems to be a match tho. Any idea? The mixed (rim/hub) nipple position is rather interesting in the back. Also, 920g and 1160g with tubs and skewers.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • I'm hunting for just the top screw-on bearing cup for a Campy Chorus 1" headset (see picture) Anyone got a spare they'd be willing to part with for a sensible price?. The rest of the headset is fine with almost unmarked alloy, but the bearing insert in the screw on cup has been brinelled really badly and is not useable. Can anyone help?

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  • I think I have worked out the red moser frame. Checked the BB butting and there are helicoidal reinforcements in the seat and down tube. So this makes it SLX, SPX or TSX. Not aware that Moser built anything in SPX or TSX, so I figure SLX. Judging by the lugs, dropouts and brake cable entry / exit points, looks to be a Team SLX or Professional SLX from around 1993. I'm thinking also SLX New - as the forks decal is consistent with this and both Team SLX and Proferssional SLXs were in SLX New. No idea about the mystery Columbus decal on the frame at the moment. Perhaps something the Ghirardi bike shop has lying around when they refurbed / fitted out the frame. Any views to the contrary gratefully received. Would be great to get the build details from Moser, but they were bought out from the Moser family a while back and haven't got back to me after I contacted them....perhaps what paperwork there was was ditched after the change of ownership?

  • hi, does anyone know what this rd is?

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  • Looks like an old Sram Centera

  • What is this bike on my Autosol box?

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  • Hey guys wondering if you could help me identify this bike? Not sure if I am posting on the best thread! Cheers

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  • Rear brazed on centre pull brake bridge reminds me of Raleigh / Carlton

  • I’ve got one for you all. I found it hanging up in the shed when we moved into our new place.
    The dropouts are Reynolds.
    Any ideas what it’s supposed to fit?

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  • Can anyone ID this frame? 27.2mm post, internal top tube for rear caliper. English threaded BB, cinelli spoiler. Can't read the pantographs.. a 'B' on the fork crown.. not sure on other side..

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  • Quick on-the-train search… I reckon that’s a Herman Braun (Dutch maker).

    (Matched the signature on the bb shell here­t/herman-braun-time-trial-frame-60ct/ after a bit of a hunch)

    Company still going. Drop them a note with the frame no?

  • Hey Gang! Ive heard you are the peeps that might be able to help me.. I have this setup sat in the UK & wanting to find it a good new home for it (likely via LFGSS classified) ... However, for now I need help in identifying what exactly it is / might be...

    I got what I believed to be a fair deal on it - through LFGSS nonetheless - years ago! And was told it was likely a 80's Bianchi Pista-mod frame ... Columbus Steel. it's DEF steel, thats for sure!

    I would imagine the engraved coding on the head tube might give it away - but I have no idea. Any thoughts? #puzzle

    Your expert knowledge would be extremely appreciated!

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  • Lugs look quite vintage, 60's maybe? Fork rake and relaxed angles also put it before the 80's. Has track ends and bottle cage mounts. Also has brazing under the downtube to stop shifters sliding. Sort of looks like a 1950-1960's road frame that has been modified later.?

  • Chances of anyone identifying this track frame please? Most likely from the late 70's/early 80's. Cheers. T

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  • 910th Mercian built in 1977

  • Any pics of the rest of the frame, head lugs and fork crown. Fishtail rear track ends would suggest 70's

  • Thanks folks. No original forks unfortunately, running 1” full carbon Mizunos on it. Lugs are BOCAMA, their Professional Design model. Rear triangle was completely chromed. Think the standout features are the wraparound seatstays and the threaded seat clamp.. pic of the full frame below. Cheers. T

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  • It’s certainly classy whatever it is!

  • I’m also looking for some ID help, just began stripping a frame down to swap some bits, and noticed the dt shifters, are these C Record?

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  • Yup, Syncro (2, maybe). Indexed but not a great system.

  • That’s quite a lot of Percy Pigs. Just saying.

  • Yeah the bodies are piled high

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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