Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Anyone knows which Campagnolo BB is this? Italian threaded and 2 bearings on the drive side, 109mm IIRC but will measure properly when I get the vernier out.

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  • Main body looks like current centaur range but the cups seem to be from previous generation. Isn't it an hybrid of 2 different bb ?
    The left one seems to be a bit narrow for the body and right one too large for it

  • Quite possible.

    Haven't seen anything similar on the net and I was suspecting the same.

  • Anyone come across lugs like this before? It's a track frame with English threading. I don't think the decals are original but it's an imperial sized bolt, so of an older vintage.

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  • hello, ive got a bike which is a mix of record, chorus and maybe some centaur, but i cannot place these levers, any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Lugs look like they have been drilled / modified by the builder. Not quite Pongo Braithwaite though :)

  • Does anyone recognize from these cut outs what frame this is?

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  • Could be 93' Record

  • Ciao,

    Could you professionals tell me the year(s) of manufacture of this Campagnolo headset? I'm more or less sure that it's a Chorus, Athena, Croce d'Aune headset and also the part of the Olympus MTB groupset and definitely produced in the 1990's. But could you tell me more precisely?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Hi All,

    I'd be grateful if anyone can help me identify a frameset. It's my Dad's old one so has sentimental value, but I can't find any identifying information on it for a maker.

    All my Dad ever used to say about it was 'it was a good frameset back in the day when I bought it!' (which my guess is from the 60's maybe early 70's but assume it wasn't new)

    He had it resprayed in the black/gold so I don't know what the original colour was.

    The Bottom Bracket Shell is threadless, and the serial number on the Bottom Bracket shows from what I can make out as 76666666

    Any information or help would be gratefully appreciated!

    Many thanks

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  • Additional photos.

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  • @Galpino

    Not sure you'll be able to ID this. Unfortunately the welded on plate used a brake bridge and similar plate near the BB shell which is for a kick stand point to this being a really low end frameset. Sorry.

  • BITD when I worked in a bike shop in the 70's the only bikes we sold with plates brazed on like that (aside from mixte) were from Puch

  • Cheers for the info, especially the Puch reference. From googleing images, it could be a Puch Clubman perhaps?

  • Hi, I don't know if you could find out, but these do look like old cébé glasses. I guess there are some replicas nowadays too.

  • Don’t need to know the exact bars, they’re mavic something or other, but anyone tell me how to search these handlebars?

    They don’t seem to be usual pursuit shape, and they’re not bullhorns. Almost like a 90degree bend midway along the length…


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  • Probably 3TTT Moscow. They're from that period just before tri bars, but you do sometimes see them with tri bars fitted.

  • Great that looks about right, thank you. Don’t look easy to get hold of tho…

  • Identify Vintage UK Lightweight frame circa 1950's or possibly 1960's?

    The frame was last stamped with the British postal code at 53 Gilkes Crescent, London SE21 7BP as the registered owner. I am considering restoring this huge cable stayed frame but want to establish its provenance.
    Perhaps an oldster from a London Club might have seen this in 1980's or 90's. Any advice is welcome
    Maybe someone here in London will recognize this unique frame?

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  • Hi - got a bit of frame puzzle here. Picked this frame up on ebay as a decent quality large frame for a period triple chainset build, to be used for some challenging summer rides in the Welsh hills. Its free from dings, the seized dropout adjuster came out ok and frame threads all look good. I could just build it and ride (which I will), but the frame is tatty and before I totally refinish it, I want to check that I'm not destroying anything with any real history about it.

    It’s a Moser frame, (confirmed by M cutouts in lugs and Moser U turn on brake bridge). The frame is stamped X61C on the bottom bracket – 61 being the seat tube size I think. What the frame is made from is not clear. The seat tube bears a Columbus Tubi Speciali decal in blue and silver – which despite a good search, I cannot find a single match for online. The forks bear a Columbus Foderi Laminati decal – and this looks to be correct. The frame and forks have Campagnolo dropouts – the rears are the rare filled shield logo dropouts that I understand were only made for a couple of years and were not widely available, with many of them for some reason ending up on Mosers.

    It’s light enough for my purposes, frame is 61 cm c-c and weighs 2004g, forks 680g. I’m no expert, but I can’t see any (SLX) helicoidal reinforcement in the main tubes around the BB or in the steerer tube. Seat tube is perfect fit for 27.2, rear dropouts 130mm.

    There is no indication of the frame model – and to confuse things further the frame has a Ghirardi head badge (small bike shop in Varese, run by a former Italian team mechanic and pro cyclist Massimo Ghirardi) and the top tube bears a hand-painted dedication “Raffaele….bici e salute” which I think means cycling for health? Who was / is Raffaele?

    To add a last twist to the tale, hunting online, I found pictures of this exact frame (same paint chips, same dedication) on this forum, posted by a now inactive member by the name of Fignon (not THE Fignon I guess :-)) back in 2012.­02/?offset=25
    Back then, the frame bore some expensive looking bits, including Deltas, and Fignon at the time figured that “a northern Italian Pro or semi-pro had this as his steed initially” although no evidence was provided as to who or when, or where he acquired it.

    So my questions: what is the frame material, what Moser model is it, or it a factory special and does anyone know anything about its history?

    I’ve found a few models that come close: 1989 Pro S/L – the dropouts match, but that frame from old brochures online seems to have been a mixture of SL and Oria ML25 (!), plus the seat stays are not fillet brazed as I think they are on my frame. A 1992 Team SLX looks to have the same dropouts, has the fillet brazed seat stays, forks are laminati, but from lack of helicoidal ribs in frame, I don’t think mine is SLX. 1996 Pro-evolution has the same dropouts and otherwise looks similar, but that frame is supposed to be Deadcciai ZeroUno – and I think the tubes were oversize (my frame, standard tube diameters). Nothing that quite seems to match so far – but hey – you guys out there are the experts. I await your verdicts with interest, and for now I’ll keep it away from the paintstripper :-)

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  • I should make clear that I bought the frame stripped and the photos are from LFGSS user Fignon's 2012 post on the same bike when it was built up. Picture credits to Fignon. Can supply pictures of stripped frame if it would help further.

  • Can't help you really, other than to wish you luck with it. I saw the frame on the bay and the thought did cross my mind... I'm 6'5", but this is too big even for me. How tall are you and how are you going to ride it :-)? I'd not realised that cross-braces of the sort on your frame were a thing. Pic attached of a modern gravel bike with similar brace...sorry I cant help further.

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  • I ride a 68cm and a 70cm frame now, so 72 is not a stretch. It looks like the seller has pulled the add from eBay and sold it. I would have bought the frame but wanted to find out more. I actually located the original owner and the mechanic who worked on the frame in 1984. The main frame stays (cable stays) were added in 1985 to stiffen the frame for loaded touring. I'm sad I missed the opportunity.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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