Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Need some help identifying this frame. I've wasted hours trying to find an answer but no luck. Despite the Olagnero decals the frame appears to be English (wrap around seat stays, Reynolds tubing). It has Campag dropouts and a serial number on the bottom bracket shell and steerer tube of 69518 but no other identifying marks.
    There is also a Chas Bland sticker on the seat tube but that may be from a previous restoration as it doesn't look like one of his frames. Woodrup think it might be one of theirs but the serial numbers don't tally.
    I've seen a Geoffrey Butler frame that appears identical so it could have been made by Chas Roberts or Cliff Shrubb maybe?! I'm looking to get the frame restored and would like the right decals.....

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  • Full build..

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  • Are you sure it’s not a Mercian? My 1976 Pro has a five digit stamp and that wrap over and dropouts.

  • An excellent suggestion! I'd not thought of them. It does seem to match exactly their Super Vigorelli model from that era. And the serial number is right. I'll message them and see what they say. Many thanks!

  • Can any Campag heads out there identify these pedals for me?

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  • Black alloy cages and steel spindle = Record Superleggera (SL) 1038/a.

  • Excellent work, thank you guys. This place is bloody great, isn’t it?!

    What sort of value would you put on these?

  • Thron maybe? Bit of a wild guess but I’ve seen a fair few Columbus Thron frame sets with that fat downtube.

  • Campag pista SL pedals... For top dollar look at Campyoldy website. NOS £250 and £145 in very good nick used.

    Ebay sellers get confused as they list SL as Super Record as the cages are both black. SR have Tuitanuim spindles.

    Your cages look pretty unmolested, the plastic caps a bit chewed. £45 ballpark?

  • I didnt really know where to put this question, and didnt think it warranted a new thread, so lets try here!

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes an 1/8" chainring (for track use) that would fit on modern shimano 4 bolt hollowtech II road crank such as r7000?

  • Oops posted in wrong thread sorry, ignore me

  • Thanks for that. I’ll give them a good clean up, see what I can get for them. I wonder if it’s worth replacing the caps first?

    I got them on a Ken Bird bike I bought in about 1985, used them for a while and then bought some of those new-fangled Look pedals and they went in the box and haven’t been used since.

  • No, the closest you'll get is 104BCD 1/8" for single speed/fixed MTB.

    My suggestion is to either get a BCD adapter (won't look great) or see if someone will make a custom one for you­gs

  • Does anyone have a clue what this could be? It has absolutely no markings besides the headbadge, was probably resprayed at one point, takes 28" wheels and discs only. Steel, not too light.

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  • ^ turns out it's a one-off home built frame and it was actually stolen, currently working on getting it returned to its rightful owner.

  • Yeah! That is "Dirty Diana" built by Miwi. Great to hear that it is going home soon!

  • Yep, I've seen the full build, truly a fantastic construction, and I'm glad it will find its way home. :)

  • Don't leave us hanging like that! We NEED DETAILS! ;)

  • Hey folks,

    Can someone please tell me if this is really a Stumpjumper?­hash=item28b9df708e:g:ApkAAOSwEqhhLjaC

    Thanks a lot!

  • I highly doubt it.

    It could be a 1994 due to the rear brake cable guide but the decals are all wrong (and in the wrong place - clearly been resprayed).

  • It's a one-off build by this gentleman:­e/ He sold the frameset to a friend of his, who built it up with proper good/bling parts.

    The story:
    I went back to Hungary for a week to visit friends & family, and one of my friends is a bike collector, who showed me the frame and asked what could it be, because he never saw that headbadge before. He bought it at a scrap market. I took some pics, posted it here and to ig, and there a guy messaged me and directed me towards the builder, then I got into contact with the last owner.
    Apparently it was stolen as whole in Austria a few months ago.
    Needless to say the parts were never found, only the frame+fork got here. The owner was supper happy to get it back, he drove to my city and picked it up and told some nice stories of his adventures on/with the bike. :) He will build it up again asap.
    So everyone went home happy, it's quite rare that a stolen bike returns home, was truly heartwarming.

  • Amazing and thanks for the reply!

  • Hello,
    for the past few days I have been despairing of identifying a bike I bought recently,
    I was advised to use your forum to help me solve this mystery,
    So I am repeating my message to you: ![]

    Going around a flea market last Sunday, I ended up stumbling upon this:

    Without hesitation for a moment, I began negotiations with the second-hand dealer who ended up leaving it to me for 100th.
    Being proud of my little find, I began to search the forums for more information on it ... and that's where you come in,
    I did find LOOK KG176 but none with this rounded under the saddle nor this hanger straight out of nowhere which is however from Mavic and something just as unexpected, the sheaths pass inside this hanger: o

    So, do you have any info on this model? at least that matter, I see farts of rust on the right to the left, if not it dates from when? is it a good pickaxe?

  • Post some photographs of your purchase on this thread -­91/

    Someone there will tell you more

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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