Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Also bear in mind that there may be frame damage. It doesn't look like it from the pictures, but check (or have a framebuilder check) the downtube for tiny folds that may indicate it's been impacted.

  • Will do! Thanks a lot

  • I did a post earlier in the week...­94/

    Was quite chuffed and listed them on eBay. Someone contacted me saying the bow on the spider was not pronounced enough for Pista. On closer inspection, some c**t filed the lugs off a Campag Chorus road set.
    And there was I thinking I was going to make bank. I could cry right now.

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  • Might be good or not?

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  • It looks nicely built and is at a good price for what is presumably genuine 531, I can't imagine that quality of building with a lesser tubeset. God alone knows whether it is by Richmond, but it used all the groupsets. By the time you factor in a media blasting and powder coat, you are looking at a £300 frame, more if you paint instead. All that supposes that the areas of rust are surface only.

  • Anyone give me any advice on this Giant? Worth it for £75?

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  • It's nowt special, but for £75 who cares (if it works)?

  • Apologies I seem to be spamming this thread a bit, am in an agonising search for a bike somewhere that has very little affordable options.

    So anyone know what model this geurciotti could be? Quite distinctive wavey forks....can’t find any info on google. Someone’s asking a bit £200 for the frame, might be an interesting build project

    As always, thanks In advance to the the collective genius that is lfgss


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  • The forks are Pinarello, or copy of.

  • Can't figure out the year of this specialized sequoia. There are no photos anywhere of similar bikes that have the same font on the the top tube and logo on downtube. Anyone?­utm_source=android_social&utm_content=vi­p&utm_medium=android_social&utm_campaign­=socialbuttons

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  • Recently bought this beauty, where can i found more info about it?
    Front wheel 650c rear wheel 700c

  • +HoKe might have some input.

  • Sweet

  • looks like a 396 but i dont find the frame model in any catalog, only a few photos of credit agricole time trial team.

  • 1996? If the Sequoia was a model in 1995, the Specialized decal would have been on the top tube, in 1997 it probably would have used V-brakes rather than cantis?
    Actually, there was a blue Sequoia in 1996, no pic but mentioned in this catalogue. Specialized on the down tube, cantis.

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  • Ah thanks! Seems like it check out. Guy didn't reply to messages anymore so I picked up a 93 sequoia instead :)

  • Can any of you identify this frame?
    I thought it was the brother r725, but there are no chromolly stickers on it.
    (I already asked brother cycles if they can identify it btw but they never responded...)

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  • Looks like one of the early versions - here's something I found on Google images.

    Like yours it's missing the flag below the BROTHER decal on the seattube.

  • Trying to identify this old Cilo frame.

    BSA Bottom Bracket, 26.0mm seatpost, very lightweight, Campagnolo dropouts. I don't have the original fork for it unfortunately. Original colour was blue. Bottom Bracket shell has the serial number engraved: 70894.

    There are marks on the downtube that clearly show it was used with clamp-on downtube shifters.

    Very wide clearance (700x40 seems to fit fine)

    Would love to know the type of tubing used, this thing is really light

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  • Curious if anyone knows what tubing this old Terry Dolan might be? Picked it up cheap with some very tatty paint, can't imagine it's anything too special. The one other similar frame I found online had Deda tubing (but not the aero downtube).

    Thinking mid-late 90's. Frame is tig welded, 1" HT, 27.2 post, with an aero downtube. No markings on BB or dropouts but the fork steerer has a Columbus logo stamped into it.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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