Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Just acquired this Dawes Fox. Found a little info online about it but not much. Just wondering if there are any on here who have any info on the tube spec, age etc. I know its not high end but decent nick amd planning to run it about for a bit of fun to shops etc.
    Stalked on here for years but getting into single speed bikes recently so thought I'd post.
    Hope this is the right section.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Jimmy Lin’s was a shop in Taipei, Taiwan, specialized on custom made bikes. I bought mine there 15 years ago, when living in Taiwan and still riding and loving it til today.

  • Jimmy Lin’s was a shop in Taipei, Taiwan, specialized on assembling separate parts to a complete bike (custom made bikes). I bought mine there 15 years ago, still riding and loving it til today.

  • Could post these in the General Disc Radness thread so the disc experts see.

  • Dawes used that head badge from the mid 70s till about 1980. Pretty sure it will be hi-ten steel not many Dawes models had Reynolds tubing. Looks like it will be a great pub bike.

  • I'm sure Pearson could tell you more.

    £750 however>>>>>>>>>>>

  • which model is this wheel? Thanks,

  • Generic Far East Alu from the early 00’s is my guess. Similar frames were badged up as ambrosio e.g.­03/

  • Woah, what a find! Thanks alot

  • Anyone has info about this frame?

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  • Looks a bit like that recent post in the Somec thread

  • Similar but not quite as nice ;)

    @Lav75 Its very probable that it is what it says on the tin so to speak. Alot of companies made this type of aero frame in the late nineties and early 2000s.
    Not sure on the tubing for this Carrera ? Is that a Dedaccai sticker maybe.. Or just a "aluminium 7051" type sticker.
    It's nice though, cinelli angel bars, and i love the seat post !

  • Agreed; the SOMEC fork is magnificent!
    Thanks for the info. It's Columbus Altec2, "Carrera by Podium". The Swedish importer confirmed that it's original (year 2000). Funny detail, the sticker: "made for ECI Sweden"

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  • But surprisingly, I cannot find anywhere online a similar frame branded Carrera.

  • So it is indeed similar to the Somec i have, both in Altec 2. I know the somec always had internal cable routing for rear break from 1999-2002 (full production years from what i have found).

    Are there any codes on the bb shell ? I think some carreras were out sourced, and its possible that this could be a full custom job painted to match team colors or something.
    Whoever made it it seems to be good quality with nice welding on the bb.
    Shame about the extreme chimney !

  • I just bought it, it’s my spring project!

    There is a code indeed, is that some type of serial number?

  • Yes it could help you identify frame builder or series etc always a good place to start. You dont always find an answer with the codes but you may find it corresponds to a certain builder or something.

  • I just got this Viking frame from ebay for the forks it came with (not the ones pictured) its got really nice Nervex pro lugs, and according to the headbadge its from around 1955 but I can't work out which model it might be on classicvikiningclycles. Both the track master and twenty five from that time have rear mudguard eyelets and/or a drilled rear brake bridge which this frame doesn't? I think that it was originally red but has been repainted - you can still see the OG decals under the paint. Anyone got any ideas?
    It was cheap and is pretty beaten up, originally I was just gonna flip it back on ebay but I'm starting to think it could make a nice winter hack/rat bike

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  • Started a Frame ID thread in the wrong place (sorry!) but if anyone can shed any light on this possibly Freddie Grub frame I would be interested!­21/


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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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