Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • I think the lug work, with those windows, and the style of TT cable eyes are wrong for a holdsworth. Very few models had windows. Can't see any frame number on the picture, can you get a better view. from 1976 Holdsworth change from 5 digits to 6 and the location moved to typically to further up the drive side of the BB.

  • I think the stem is most likely seized, having been exposed to the outdoors for longer than I'd like to say... So fork serial is unlikely.

    Sadly rhere is no frame number, the picture of bellow the BB shows nothing, which makes me think it's a custom
    This is the only other BB photo that was sent to me, would a Holdsworth serial have been visible from this angle @dwscrimshaw

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  • The chainstay to dropout braze in a sort of circle rings a bell. Looks very 70's. A bit Dave Moulton,

  • An orange Holdsworth is not uncommon, particularly if its had a re-spray, but I have not seen a genuine Holdsworth with the hart shaped windows. They did use windows on a few frames, but not this style. Unfortunately many other firms did, Roy Thame in particular who ran the Holdsworth shop.

    As for the number I think you are going to have to remove some of the paint. Holdsworth 5D numbers would be across the middle of the BB or around the edge, both under the BB. the 6D numbers always start with a zero and are typically higher up the BB on the drive side. There are exception to both at times where these positions were interchanged, but it will be one of these. You should see the numbers below the BB on your first photo and the typical 6D is under the black in the last. As you look at it is should be just above the rear gear cable guide where the DT joins the BB. The stamping can be quite poor and get cover in paint particularly if its been resprayed. I have attached a photo of a similar hunt for a number which is also listed further back in this thread.

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  • Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on the maker of this frame I have as a travel bike - while it’s stripped ....
    an X8 on the (British threaded ) bb and serial number starts in a Y wording on rear drop outs ...fairly weighty-ish but nice seat stays and odd crimped brake bridge ... ? Cheers ...

  • Argh ... , here’s the photos

  • ... and again ...

  • Forget it , not uploading .... bollox ...

  • Hello, can anyone help me out - is this a fuji feather with the seatpost decal removed? cheers.

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  • I bought this bike yesterday. I'm trying to figure out the model, the year, but nothing. Any details? Thanks,

  • Track frame, looks like a repray on one of those cheapo bianch pistas, any thoughts? Double checking before I get rid of it.

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  • I am trying again to see if anyone has an inkling on this frame ... I was told original Carrera but BSA bottom bracket ... fingers crossed pictures work this time.

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  • Youth size. Worth rescuing?

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  • Nope...

  • Also a no from me.

    I have pile of those in France.

    But you can re-sell the handlebars as "sprint bars" since they are usually 35cm ctc.
    There might be some money in the pedals as well, especially if they are french threaded

  • Ah thanks. Well, I brought it home anyway just in case. May split the parts or sell as a ‘barn find’ and give the scrapyard their cut.

  • Anyone have any idea what this frame is? Bought recently but the guy I bought it from didn’t build the bike and had no idea.

    Has wishbone rear stays and the top and down tube has a distinctive ridge.

    Thinking maybe planetX due to the weave of the carbon or one of those Chinese carbon frames? But I can’t find anything similar.

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  • Looks reminiscent of an early Isaac.

  • nice one thanks, not found an Isaac like this yet but i'll keep looking

  • Looking for a larger frame for a mate of mine here in Italy, found this on Italian Gumtree equivalent. Anyone able to shed any light on the frame, in particular the strange downtube shifter bosses?

  • Looking for a model of this Raleigh 501 Reynolds frame. Its got a mismatch of modern n older kit on it now. Sure someone will know. Cheers.

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  • Purchased this disc and the maker is unknown wondered if anyone recognises the build of it

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  • Pic 2

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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