Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Wow, quite the powder job on that. At least you can run a smaller dia seatpost to save weight? ;)

    I wonder if anyone can shed any light on my lovely Atala frame? Excuse the NDS shot. Its 58cm, built in Dedacciai Zero 18 MCDV6 HT - a heat treated, lightweight tubeset, frame and fork both. This frame seems to be a tribute/styled on the late 80s Professionisti model, with a (fragile!) cromovelato laquer finish. All the text and logos are decals applied over the laquer. As well as the tubeset stickers there is also a sticker on the underside of the downtube marked "MCP 00"

    If my research is correct, the tubing pins it mid 90s or later, so perhaps a 2000 production judging by the MCP sticker?

    I found this build with a similar era frame;­013/11/atala-on-budget.html

    Any model details, catalogue or general info on Atala from the 90s onward much appreciated.

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  • Looking for any info on this frame I bought. I found a couple similar frames on google, but very little information. I’ll Include a screenshot of the sellers description so you know as much as I do.


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  • Yeah I have, Thankyou. The last bike on it looks to be exactly the same

  • To anyone that knows better than me - does the Carrera claim sound/look plausible? The frame weighs About 1300 (edit: About 1200 without the headset) So altec2 sounds right.
    I ended up paying £117 inc postage so could be quite a bargain if So..

  • These forks???

    Found image browsing mudguards

    I’d love a similar pair

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  • Hi. I've got a mate looking to move this Saronni on. I've read that Colnago made the early ones. Is there any way to ID this frame as one or not?

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  • .

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  • .

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  • Just found an old Ti bottle cage; which manufacturer’s logo is this?

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  • Definitely a Blackburn Swerve Ti

  • Perfect, thanks!

  • [moved from the AQA thread ]

    Any ideas what type of band-on down tube double-cable stop this is, or where I can obtain something similar new? I would prefer a slender cable-stop in the classic style rather the chunky hinged-alloy of Origin8 or Jtek current offerings.

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  • Hi, I've got this frame badged as a ciocc, it's sc61.10 alloy, seems very well built with a rear monostay that resembles the airbnb logo. At first I thought it was a challenger because some were also built with sc61.10 but the rear stay is quite different. Anybody ever seen something like this before?

  • Anyone able to id the year of this Allez frame set?

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  • Yes. Most certainly does. Thanks!

  • Any ideas on this please?

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  • Maybe Nicolai Bikes

  • Can anyone identify these handlebars? The cockpit’s all plt so I guess they could be the same. Or maybe FSA?
    I’m after something with a fairly flat top without running out of bar when in the drops...

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  • Been trying to ID a frame, pictures attached. I have also got a thread going here­91/#comment15755156

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  • Looks like someone has stuck some track ends on a road frame and got rid of the braze ons before repainting?

    Seat stays look like something Mike Kowal would do.

  • Thanks, That has been suggested as an option, but it's a bit steep for a road frame at 75deg? the other geometry is identical to my shop built Holdsworth Track/sprint. Also the same as the RT version of the Competizione. Both these look to be too old though.

    I have seen your comments on other Falcons, do you know much about their involvement in Holdsworth? I have not seen track frames in this era or windows used in the lugs used by them, but with the foil decals fitted after repaint there could be a link to a Falcon Holdsworth?

  • 75 degree parallel frames not unusual for road, although Holdsworth only rode them for one season before being dropped. Dave Moulton was a proponent of putting the rider more over the front wheel.

    My Falcon San remo track frame was from a different era, not sure what Falcon did about track frames after that. If they wanted one for a Pro then Andy Thompson probably built them.

    Seat stays are probably the best identifier, hence my Autostrada suggestion. It was unusual for mainstream track frames to have a deleted chainstay bridge.

  • Ok thanks, I did see several San Remo's but as you say too early. I may well looking to the option you mention. That missing chainstay bridge is a bit odd. I have that on my 89 Raleigh Roadace, but it was there in preceding years. I am thinking this could date it around early 90's hence the link to a Falcon Holdsworth, but by then there were using longer frame numbers with letters and usually a badge on the bottom of the seat tube. Also not seen those windows on a Falcon Holdsworth which were 531C frames mainly by then.

    Widows common on RT's and it does fit the 70's cat description. could be a later build, but number rather short again. Still it does the job I want it to do, spends most of the time covered in road dirt so doesn't much matter what decals are on it!

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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