Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Hi thanks for your excellent input - yes Ricci (Bike Chain Ricci) is still going and based between Truro and Redruth. They seem quite fashionable and have a club and some sort of affiliation with the St Piran Race Team I believe. Funny; most would not associate 'glittery' and much less so 'Italian' and 'exotica' with Redruth but you learn something new every day. I think the intention is to try and make a win-win where the owners gets more than they thought they would have given it away for and a passionate buyer gets it at a price they see as great value. I don't want to take the time to split it for him and list, sell, package but I'm happy to help him out a bit. What would you reckon value wise - it's had a tidy up and the mechanic will give it half an hour (gratis) of his time later today to give it a quick once over although it's shifting perfectly well and riding fine?

    Wheels are Pelissier hubs (not sure on rims) but the QR Skewers say P1001 which I think is a specific Pelissier hub

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  • Can anyone identify these hubs through the grime -

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  • Chrome or alloy?

    They look familiar - I can tell you which ones they definitely aren’t. If chrome, they’re not Resilion. If alloy, they’re not Normandy.

    The separate barrels and the big flat sides of the bearing covers is the giveaway on these. Shouldn’t be too hard to whittle them down.

  • Chrome or alloy?

    Not sure yet, Recent purchase and seller's pictures and impatient to work out what I've bought,laced to 50s Fiamme rims.


  • Racelite?

  • Bayliss Wiley hub

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  • Hey friends, a friend of mine snagged a Koga(?) can anyone ID it please? Is it actually a RoadWinner? Spent a lot of time searching through catalogs, no match for such a color, and it's allegedly aluminium. Afaik all RoadWinners are triple butted CrMo...

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  • Hi Troops, looking for a year on this Fuji Feather. I have trawled google for a bit looking for that colour way for clues but to no avail. Thanks.

    Edit: Potentially 2012?

    strong text

  • Can anybody help me work out the maker of this nice race bike. I got it from a guy who raced in the 80's. He said tis one has an australian link, either made there or by an Australian maker... but maybe he'd forgotten. The stickers coule be missleading as that could be the sponsor.... I don't know.
    Either way, it hasn't been painted since the 80's.
    Somebody has mentioned Stan Lang, who was a maker from australia who also made from various workshops in the UK it seems.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • And a couple more....

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  • Anyone know what brifters these are?

  • hi, i am trying to id this interesting frame, i think it is around 1940s. bb is 7cm, spacing rear is 105mm. did not have fork, had metal headbadge. interesting part is triangle with ridged tubing.

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  • i did better measurements. bb is 68mm and inner shell is almost 34mm, seatpost is 25mm. swiss or french

  • campy xenon ?

  • Definitely Xenon

  • EDIT: Sorry images aren't uploading. Will try again.

  • Can anyone identify this MTB frame?

    DT bosses suggest it's fairly early. But 1"1/8 threaded HT so not super early.

    The paint job is awful. It's mega thick. I might remove it but wondered what I'm working with first. Almost certainly had some repairs but hard to tell the extent under all that paint.

    Clamped BB shell is strange. It takes a standard BB. Not eccentric so not sure what purpose it serves.

    The forks are just something of a similar era that I found. Will probably keep the original forks on it though.

    Too small for me unfortunately but might build up for my wife. Its actually my Dad's. He got it in a job lot of frames years ago (including the awful paintjob). He was told its a Roberts. Not sure about that. I seem to recall thinking it was a Dave Yates. Anyway can't seem anything like this made by either of them so possibly neither.

    More pics to follow.

    EDIT: Not sure what happened there. Won't upload images. Anyway they're all here if the above didn't work.

  • That looks like really old school powder coating. Always used to be really thick like that.

  • It is. This is the only frame my Dad has thats been powdercoated. Its put him off for life. I've tried to tell him its not usually this bad.

  • Dave yates team issue­ic.php?f=2&t=77081
    The wierd clamp on the BB is to allow you to adjust chainline

  • Amazing. Thanks man.

    Unfortunately I don't have the cross bracing on the seat stays like that. But it certainly solves the riddle of the BB.

  • Yeah the brake arrangement is quite different. I’m guessing yours is for cantis so less bracing is required vs u-brakes or roller cams
    Great frame tho looks like a load of fun

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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