Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Yes, they're the vertical campag ends on my Colin Cape TT bike.
    I was using that image to illustrate why a frame might be built with the drop-outs cranked inward like the ones on @pavemann 's mystery frame.

    I see where the confusion may arise.

    From the side view the horizontal dropout does look like it's been bashed into shape and linished so it may not have been made like that (this may explain why it has no markings...)

  • Sorry, my stupidity! I have seen a fair few frames with the ends canted round like that, presumably (and sensibly) to keep the ends parallel.

  • That makes sense, it’s a new one on me.

  • Yup, standard vertical dropouts, there is a washer brazed inside to thicken them up for quick release.

  • Is the cranking like that to allow chainstay clearance for a bigger bottom sprocket? I can’t remember if it was my Bob Jackson with the short Campag ends or my Vitus 979, which I built with either a 14-19 or 15-20 straight through 6-speed for knee rehab reasons, but the chain rubbed the inside of chainstay when in the small cog.

  • Going to give my bottom bracket a going over. No idea what BB tool I'll need, any ideas ? I'm using njs sugino cranks if that helps

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  • ^ That just looks like the normal Shimano UN55 type :)

  • Thanks I'll take a look.

  • Not sure it this is the right part to post. Again iv forgot all bike knowledge. Iv got a miche primato flip flop hub. Anyone know what type of cog will fit onto the fixed side? Not sure if it's Italian thread or what?

  • Hi All,
    Any help or info welcomed on this frame.
    Has Roy Thame decals, im pretty sure it’s not, aero ovular downtube, lugless brazed joints, beautifully smoothed and finished.
    The seat tube bend is exquisite and tight tolerances indicate It was a serious racer, possible custom order?
    Anyone know of anything similar?
    Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Absolutely 100% custom! Quite possibly Thame as he outsourced most of his frames, if I were to guess I would say that was the work of Bill Philbrook. Whatever, it's lovely, as are the wheels. Probably around '83 to '87, a classic UK tt frame.

  • The indications I have were of 1988 but have no other origins hence asking you guys your thoughts and if anyone knew anything similar?
    Thanks for your input, I researched Thame bike but not many like this out there......

  • Can anybody help me ID this Mercier I just picked up? Can't find this combo of chromed forks, un chromed rear and odd decal font that doesn't seem to match anything else I've seen?

    Perhaps @Vince can offer some French steel knowledge?!


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  • I tend to date mine from the components on it. Usually stem/seatpost/hubs/RD/FD/DT shifters.

    Then I hit the catalogues.

    Yours has big clearances and mudguard eyes so will unlikely be fancy tubing but most likely so Vitus french goodness.

    Bike looks great in blue!

  • Looking for some info on this Steal frame I recently acquired. Frame had a nasty paintbrush paint job. Apologies for its current state im waiting for some more stripper and sandpaper to arrive in the post.

    1"steerer, Gipiemme dropouts. BB is currently seized so not sure if its ITA or English.

    Any info would be much appreciated!

    BB Shell is stamped 722032 and also has a 'T' Stamped.

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  • Couple more photos.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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