Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • I posted separately, but then realised I'm supposed to post these things here, sorry.

    I was given quite a nice old tourer some years ago. I think it was a custom-built bike. The only identification is "BSB 400" in a 1980s typeface, as in the attached image.

    It's Reynolds 531, has cantilever bosses and 130mm rear drop-out spacing.

    It's an extremely pleasant bike to ride, and I have stripped it down to have the frame repainted.

    Any ideas who built it or where it came from?

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  • Just got myself a cheapy s/h bike. I know it's very low end and I don't expect it to be good. In the meantime anyone know what it is??

    It's obviously a cheap and nasty fixie but the dropouts look a bit nicer than standard. Not managed anything with Google on the wheels or marking to the dropouts

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  • what's this bell?

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  • and what's this rear rack?

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  • Newdoar Brass Duet

  • The rack looks like a Gamoh.

  • Minoura Gamoh King rear

  • thanks both!

  • If anyone knows much about old Eddy Merckx stuff I’d appreciate a view on this.

    I’m pretty sure it’s fake as I can’t find anything remotely similar online.

    1. The rear dropouts look orange beneath the green suggesting it’s been painted
    2. The yellow and pink stickers are the opposite position to all others online
    3. The front fork appears to be quite relaxed and not like the race geometry on other vintage EM frames
    4. Also the metal work around the head tube doesn’t seem to match with anything else EM.

    The thing that fascinated me though is that if it is a fake, then getting the real decals is pretty good going. It’s also rusty and well weathered suggesting it was faked a number of years ago.

    Maybe it’s just a cheap EM frame set that’s been long forgotten.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Lugs, dropouts and forks all look very similar to a 60/70's Claud my mate has.

  • Eddy made a whole load of BSO gaspipe crap as well as nice frames, that being said, details like the DT cable guide make me think its a CB

  • Thanks both. CB it is...

  • Saying that... it’s not exactly the same having looked again

  • Falcon usually made the budget Eddy Merckxs but this one look like a Dawes, especially the seat stay tops.

    This Dawes Galaxy has similiar lugs & bb shell:­he-touristique-i-came-across-a-dawes-gal­axy/
    and another:­ge/701205-early-70s-dawes-galaxy.html

  • I think you’ve cracked it. Looks spot on to me.

    At least I know it’s not real!

    Thanks for the help

  • I'm trying to identify a Campag crankset that I can't remember the model of... The logo has worn off from both cranks, and I can't find any serial number on it except the number of teeth and "BREV: CAMPAGNOLO" + "MADE IN ITALY". Is there anything else I can look for that would identify them? Would pictures help?

  • I'm fairly sure BSB = Bell Street Bikes. I've seen a few pop up on ebay over the years. I think it was a shop in Marylebone in the 70-80's. I can't remember whether they built their own frames or bought them in or if I dreamed this information as a quick Google has revealed nothing beyond a mention of "Bell Street Bikes " being one of London's friendlier bike shops.

    Ah, found this mention on retrobike:
     "... It all started back in '87 when I worked in Bell Street Bikes NW1 after school building bikes like the BSB400 touring bike and the BSB Blazer ATB which was a 531 frame with TA chainset, Dia Compe brakes and Suntour index gears, this sold for £400."

  • Pictures would help a great deal.

  • Please ignore the grime and dirt... The remains of a logo can be seen on the crank right above my index finger.

  • Thanks very much, that is greatly appreciated.

    I also found:

    Geoff passed away last year. Complications of leukaemia finally took him, even though he had battled it twice. A great guy, a funny man and someone who cared for other people. I used to work with him at Bell Street Bikes and it was one of the happiest periods of my life.

  • Right, not sure if this is the right place but here goes:
    Have a disc fork for road which is thru axle, internal width between the blades is 100mm external is abot 126mm. The axle holes are 15mm on both the fork and a wheel i have. the left side of the fork is plain , the right fork blade appears to require an insert/nut about 17mm diameter and perhaps just under 10mm wide, as there is a mini grub screw at the base of the fork leg i assume the insert will be a cylinder with a very small flattened edge for the grub screw to bite into. I cannot for the life of me find an appropriate axle/nut combo where both parts will have the same thread pitch. reducing everything to 12mm standard would mean 5 parts instead of 2. COuld do with­loads/2019/01/15mm_axle_conversion.jpg or similar but can not find stock in UK

  • Its not that its not real so much as it was produced under license, a budget copy where the paid for the logos. It was produced but it does appear to have changed colour.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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