Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Any idea on what rim (make/model) this is? Hubs are Dura Ace 7700 so I am guessing/hoping something high end and strong enough for my tandem build.

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  • This sticker is often on Ambrosio rims so yes quite possibly bomb proof and good quality

  • Could advise what this actually is please?
    I love it for what it is and it's a very pretty thing, just really curious as to what it might have started out as?
    Thanks for any help offered,

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  • pics

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  • pics

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  • Any ideas on this frame? It's not a De Rosa, or a Klein and it's slightly different to a Specialized M2.

    Frame number is K3112352, seat post is 27.2mm and has English BB threading.

    Cheers, Lewis.

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  • please help me. i have a battaglin spider. but it's not looks like the other, because it low pro frame. Any idea what frame is? or any information. thanks. sorry for english.
    i use google translate

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  • philbythesea. That's a beautiful bike. Ignore what the others said. The decal colour, the cable guides over the top of the BB and everything else points to it being a 1977 top end Bianchi. Nice one and wish I'd read the thread earlier so I could make an offer

  • Do you have a picture of the underside of the BB?

  • Any idea of the model/age/desirability of this Hobbs

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  • Grease port at BB is probably a good clue and the rear Mafac style brake hanger.

    Any better photos i.e. full bike?

  • looks a bit like a blue riband, but its had a repaint but a thick enamelling/powdercoat, not the type of finish it would have come with (the lugwork would have been much more defined). Probably in the 80's, by the Reynolds decals. Its a Nervex bottom bracket shell, which was pretty much stock on most bikes around the late 50's, early 60's.....
    The headbadge has been messed with and the enamel is a bit need to find a serial number or cast iron provenance from the seller, to definitively identify it as a Hobbs IMHO

    Edit. Just checked classic lightweights and Hobbs of Barbican finished production in 1953. So I was way out on the date!

  • Nervex Pro, post 1955 design on the head lugs.
    The fork crown was their randomeur/sportsman cut, yours have had little cut outs added , by hand I suspect.
    The randomeur style follows through to the Mavic style brake hanger on the rear, Mavic centre pull brakes were very fashionable in the late 1950s.
    I like the wrap over seat stays, very nice touch.
    This is a good quality frame in continental style for a disconcerning clubman.
    If it is a hobbs the frame number is usually stamped on the rear dropout.

  • Hi,
    Can anyone identify what wheel hub is this?

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  • 12 stars in circle and some logo ?

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  • @coventry_eagle

    Thanks for your time and the info; most useful. This was local to me and I'm keen to complete a retro build/restoration however it's going to have to say something I'm keen on for the time-being as sudden cashflow crisis strikes. All the best and thanks again

  • Do you know much more about it?
    It looks a lot like a Raleigh frame (the forks and general shape are about right and they used that style of lugs in the 1980s. 501 would be right as well.
    The higher spec models in the 1980 (Record Ace, Road Ace) used 531c Frames tubes and forks, windowed Prugnat head tube lugs, the same style fork crown, a slightly nicer cast rear dropout and were handbuilt in the TI factory in Nottingham. They came with a card showing the builder and with his signature on them.
    The lower range models were 501 and down specced slightly. This looks very similar, except for the rear triangle seat cluster. Look at this 1984 Corsa for example:­ge-raleigh-corsa-1984-reynolds-501-road-­racing-bike.-excellent-and-original-spec­./1347056610

  • Looks like “strongy” to me.

  • Lol,I've read that , but can find anything on Google. Who made it origin etc...

  • Possibly an eastern European variant of a Maillard hub?­p?t=128616#p1333315

  • Looking to identify this frame for a while now. Calling lfgss help line.

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  • LFGSS,

    Can anyone please help me identify what type/era campag seatpost I have here? 27.2mm. Anything I should be looking out for to give a clue? Thanks in advance.

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  • Remove the tape and see if there's anything under that?

  • It just states 'MADE IN ITALY - LIMIT - 27.2' with a series of limit indication marks.

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  • parked up next to this beaut at the train station last week.
    Gerber logo's and frame stamp on the BB shell, interesting fluted main tubes.
    can't find any info online about what model it might be.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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