Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Is that exactly the letter "M" and not "W"?

    Here are Japanese spokes of the time, but this is not your case.

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  • Found this abandoned behind a shed in somebodies garden. Had some sora bits bound with rusted chain on it. Kinesis rd hanger. Ritchey headset. Eubico BB. Ideal headbadge, but also kinesis stickers and whatnot all over it.

    Just curious as it seem pretty light, but can't seem to find any info on it.

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  • Evening. Hoping someone might recognise this frame and put a name to it. Reynolds 531 designer select. Campagnolo dropouts. Frame weighs 1850g. Forks weigh 700g. Serial Number 'TN0109'

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  • Anyone recognise this? its italian but i cant work out the builder! It's not patelli, that was my first guess but they have clarified the fork crown is not theirs.

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  • It could be a P inside a D. Dario Pegoretti perhaps?

  • I should have put in the description its looks like a D&P. dario seems to have liked the flamboyant paint jobs but he didn't do any work with lugs as far as i can see online. another potential builder could be detto pietro

  • Good evening, any idea of the brand of this track chainring ?
    No engraved

  • Sorry guys, another unknown frame. Have spent hours on google trying to identify the frame. Rear drop out is 130mm. Frame is 2.3kg with BB in place. No markings on steerer. Has been repainted once already......... want to refurbish/paint with original logo’s etc

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  • Any engravings on the drop outs??

  • Random shot in the dark with Pogliaglhi? Excuse spelling

  • Ha, got that wrong. Edited. :)

  • Will investigate drop outs a bit closer.....

  • Spot on my man. Pogliaghi by Basso it is. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Probably not the right thread but does anyone remember a bike that was posted in a forum, I'm thinking either the rat thread or maybe functional, may have even been a current project thread I can't remember. Anyway it was a complete bike made by a small company/shop or something. They were billing it as a 'quick ss urban commuter bike' it was quite small and I don't think it had a front brake, only a coaster brake?

  • Schindelhauer Thinbike maybe? Defo not a rat though.

  • Hope the LFGSS detectives can shine some light on my bikes origins.
    I believe it was a custom build from Argos in Bristol, but I don't have a frame number so they can't give me any more info.
    Frame is 531 Reynolds steel but don't know what from.
    Any ideas?

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  • More photos

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  • Just picked this amusing heap of junk up for a tenner on ebay and wondered if anyone can help with an ID. I'm struggling to even guess the approximate date...

    • Chainset, pedals, clips and straps are all 70's French (Nervar 633,
      Lyotard, Cristophe, Jaftex)
    • Fork has ever-ready lamp bracket and there are pump pegs - this suggests it's pretty old (60's 70's)
    • Bottle cage bosses and a front mech braze-on (Italian style) suggest newer - mid to late 70's (fork may not be original)
    • Clearances are pretty roomy and there are mudguard eyes so it's not a race frame but it's pretty light and the lugs are nice
    • rear brake cable routing is on one side of the TT
    • Serial is stamped on the side of the seat lug - looks like 36510 and below that a 'u'
    • Forged rear dropouts are stamped Gd Design (but there's loads of paint so it could be Regd design as the d is a superscript)
      Any thoughts? I think it's continental (front mech hanger, serial number position and funny top tube cable routing) first thought was legnano but it doesn't have the seat-clamp arrangement
      Edit - I think the next step is to take the cranks off and see how the BB is threaded.

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  • slack chain

  • nothing slack there - I had to jemmy the chain off the block just to get the back wheel off!

  • Fork looks English for sure... the colours are reminiscent of early, quality Italian Carrera’s? What do you reckon the original colours were? Scrape the fork as well as the frame, to see if they are different👍

  • Good idea, fork steerers are a good source of info. (Original paint and serial number).
    Will look at the Carrera bikes, I only remember the chiapucci era team bikes...
    I'll also measure seat tube id & od

  • Any idea on what rim (make/model) this is? Hubs are Dura Ace 7700 so I am guessing/hoping something high end and strong enough for my tandem build.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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