Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Wow, how do you know it's not 26.4 ? :D
    Maybe the second then (Mavic), for the Sakae, it seems to me that the drops are too short, and the angle ramp/drop is not open enough.

  • is not 26,4 because it's not a Cinelli 1A : )

    can Be a 3TTT 26mm >>> Mavic 350 or something similar

  • Definitely not the 64 bend, which has very little drop. This looks more like the 66 bend (campione del mondo).

  • Horizontal part of the stem( on the Giant) is conical so it's not a Cinelli 1A who is strait there...

    not 26,4 >>> not Cinelli drop bars

  • Jiylin?
    Jimmy's Custom Bikes?
    Thousand Mile Horse?

    Acquired for not many monies, full deore xt m730, nothing on the google.

    Anyone shed any light?

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  • @rikvanlooy, could the clue be in the serial? J***B ..
    I can only think of Johnny Berry right now, but I'm sure there's another one that I'm not getting.....

  • You referring to Special CNC or CNC by itself?

  • Good thinking.... I'll pursue this line of enquiry....

  • I think the logo reads "Jimmy Lin".

  • Trying to work out the builder/make of this frame.

    50sish? Had previously been told it was a Claud Butler, but apparently the horizontal rather than vertical holes for the badge rules that out.

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  • Hi all. Any help identifying this frame/bike much appreciated.

    Steel lugged frame, 58cm size (according to BB stamp).
    Lugs have small cutouts as per photos.
    Top tube internal cable routing for rear brake.
    BB has serial number RE54652 (+ 58 which presume is frame size)
    Has Cinelli Criterium bars + Cinelli stem (not sure if original to frame) with Koga Miyata sticker (though lugs don't appear to match Miyata style?).
    Shimano 600 (tricolor) 8 speed groupset + headset
    Seatpost in there is 26.8mm


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  • That looks like early 50s Nervex Pro lugs on the frame but an Ekla fork crown which might be a modified D fork crown with a spear added to the top. Could be a fork replacement at some point?

    Edit: on second thoughts, I don’t think they are the early Nervex Pro. The backs of the lugs aren’t the right shape.­ponents/nervex.html­ponents/ekla-clarke-components.html

  • Thanks for the tips.

    Does look like that Ekla.

    Also seems similar to the lugwork on the 1950s Carltons

  • Does anyone recognise this frame brand? It's Tange 900 cx frame

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  • Does anyone know or can anyone identify who Zaschke used as a framebuilder?

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  • Any care to hazard a guess at this frames origins? Looks British to me. 27 dead seat tube. Not a conversion, but track with brakes (road trainer?). 531 sticker isn’t legit as this thing weights nothing.

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  • @shinkuu_kiss may be able to read it.

  • Doesn't make sense (to me anyway) and Google gives nothing

  • Hi Guys looking for assistance with ID of this frame , I want to give it the restoration it deserves , really struggling to find anything on it . The front of the head tube lugs are quite unusual . Has anyone seen the likes before ?
    British threads
    Ekla lugs
    Frame number and letter E above seat stay
    Possibly headset
    Grease and oil holes in BB
    British V made on BB
    Split in chain stay bridge

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  • Another few pictures

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  • It looks rather nice.
    The H/T lugs are similar to early A S Gillott spearpoint lugs but I don't think it's a Gillott.

  • Any suggestions on what this bike in this Pinterest picture is? Help appreciated - thanks

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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