Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • I thought but wasnt 100%. many thanks - Any thoughts as to what would constitute a forum friendly price - they're in exc nick.

    Thanks again

  • Sorry no: I haven't really been following Campag prices for a while.

    Apart from checking to see if any have sold on here recently, then what's sold on eBay minus some forum goodwhile etc is your best bet.

  • Can anyone help with identifying this Frameset? I would assume its a Colnago Tecnos, but it doesn't have the chromed seat stays that all other Tecnos frames I've seen have. Thanks!

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  • Seems reasonable.
    Will try and find some in similar condition and knock a stock 20% off.


  • Can anyone suggest a provenance of this frame? It is described as French which I have no reason to doubt but 'velo de nice' turns up no results whatsoever. Does anyone recognise the three dot motif on the lugs? Just an indication of what tubing it's made from would be helpful (super vitus?).

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  • It's an Alain Michel from around the Montreuil area east of Paris - the lugs with the 3 holes and the M fork crown were his trademark. Tubing, probably Vitus but could be anything. Seat-post diameter would help, 26.6mm == often Super Vitus.

  • Looks to be an Alain Michel built frame, the three circular cutouts in the lugs is something he was known for (that or a singular circular cutout). It looks to be pretty high end with fastback stays + chromed rear triangle and nicely drawn out lugs. Could well be Super Vitus 980 tubing which is the top tubing from the era when this was likely built. However that Red/Orange sticker on the forks was used for Super Vitus 971 tubing which was slightly earlier than 980 and had a wall thickness of 0.9/0.6mm, so a decent tubeset but nothing special.
    A picture of the BB shell would help identify it further (is there 'RGF' stamped on the non drive side?), and maybe there is a frame number either there on the underside of the BB shell or on the fork steerer? Are the dropouts branded?
    Anyway, lovely frame

  • Damn, beat me to it while I was writing.

  • Also if it's something you're looking to buy then it kind of looks in the last picture as if the seat post binder bolt has been over tightened or the seatpost is too small, it looks like the two sides are touching.

    Could just be the angle of the photo though and i've had a few bikes with that lug and the clearance there is always very tight, less than 1mm.

  • Thanks for the assistance. It does indeed say super vitus 980 on the forks so I'd assume the rest of the frame is that as well. In any case it's a lovely.

  • Hi guys :o)
    does anyone know this glossy red paint used on this gazelle champ mondial AB frame?
    any idea where i could find it?
    thanks in advance!

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  • Chip a bit off and get b&q to match it. They said they could even do tartan paint once when I was sent in for a work 'initiation'. All I ended up with was a long stand.

  • can any help identifying this frame from the logo on the fork crown? seems reasonably well made with spearpoint lugs and Campag. horizontal dropouts

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  • It's a Gitane

  • thank you Tychom......that fits as it has a French B/B

  • Please could I request any assistance in identifying the possible frame builder. Ideas..., anyone? Your help is sincerely most appreciated.

    Drop outs are Gipiemme, BB shell is Everest Industries. Head tube lugs look like copies of 3Rensho. Tubing is Columbus, and appears to be SL.

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  • Photo showing Columbus badge on tubing.

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  • ^

    Daccordi griffe lugs... seatpost diameter ?

  • Everest just manufactured cast bits right? Like braze on hangers, dropouts, bb shells and lugs...

  • Can anyone help with identifying this Frame

    the only clue riten is SUPER VITUS here on "nice dropin"

    Not originals forks

    26,6 seatpost Columbus Aelle ? Super Vitus 980 ?

    Old brake rear pontet mount

    found in full Dura ace 1st gen nothing riten on BB shell

    nicely cuted and well finished lugs..

  • my old raleigh is 27,0

  • Which brand is this saddle?

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  • Giles Berthoud?

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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