Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Have you tried getting a 9 speed cassette on there?

  • Er, I haven't as I don't have one - do they come with the small locknut? Don't really want to buy that and find I've another surplus block :-(
    Messaged the seller to try and find out what he was running on this, no reply so far.
    Looks like a trip to the LBS at the weekend again...

  • Mirage didn't get black hubs until 2004, by which time it was 9 speed. I am missing the 2003 catalogue, but Mirage went 9 speed in 1999.

    It also seems a little unlikely that anyone would retrofit a Record Ti freehub to such a lowly hub (assuming it's even possible).

    Post a photo of the hub showing the logo and I'll see if I can pin it down further.

    Mirage had black hubs up to 2008. From 2009 Campag only made Record hubs. So your hub dates from 2004 (possibly 2003) to 2008. Mirage went 10 speed in 2007.

    I found the attached in the spare parts catalogue (this is from 2006). If I can pin down the year the hub is from, I'll post it here together with the freehub page.

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    • Screenshot from 2017-11-06 11-55-02.png
  • That's really helpful, will do. I recall that the black hub has the campag / mirage logo screened on in silver (like this one, but will check).

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  • I think i've seen this and it was Fangio. Hazy memory

  • Looks like a match

  • So, a quick rag-wipe and the freehub is very, very shiny. Here's a pic of the spline pattern and the logo on the hub...

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  • That's a 10 speed hub from 2007 or 2008.

    On the Branford Bike page it's listed as "Original 9 speed Campagnolo freehub.", but they stuck with the same design when 10 speed was introduced, until the latest type came with along with 11 speed and (which is also 10 speed compatible).

    Their photo is a bit off (badly cropped perhaps) as you can't see the step in the ridge at 7 o'clock, but the description matches (imagine your photo rotated anti-clockwise by 90°). You can see it clearly in this photo of a Record hub which is the same design as yours:

    Perhaps the lockring is from another cassette: did you buy it second-hand?

    You need either CS-401 (12t or 13t top sprocket) or CS-501 (11t top sprocket). CS101T is made from titanium and for 12t top sprockets.

    If you send me your email address, I'll send the spare parts catalogues over.

    PS Do check all the above for yourself: I gave up on Campag some years back. Can't think why... ;)

  • I'm glad it's not just me who's confused. Really appreciate, as always. Will pm email.

  • yes, looks similar, thank you = )

  • Any ideas on these pedals?


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  • Came a stock pedals on Cannondale MTBs during the noughties
    I think they work with normal Shimano cleats

  • Many thanks - yes indeed, another user informed me o the same: Coda - Cannondales own finishing kit - used in 90/00 as you say. I see there's a bit of a following and in s for $25-45 so will go them a clean and see if there's interest at a tenner plus p&p - many thanks for taking the time to post

  • Can someone ID these cantis
    They're on a bike I'm servicing.
    Mounted on an Orbit Silver Medal touring bike.

    Edit: They've got tektro pads but couldn't find the exact model when using the search.
    Found some Web super-somethings that were similar-ish.
    So I think maybe tektro but not sure on model

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  • You probably found this already, but they appear to be based on the Avid Tri-Align cantilever. Marin also did a similar one.

  • They also look like Fred salmon racing ones

  • Ah these look the closest (pretty much the same minus ano) as the ones I've got here

  • Awesome yeah spot on!
    Those ones on ebay even have the odd coloured springs like these ones.
    Nice one!
    They're quite satisfying to adjust.

  • Paul still makes them this way and yeah, 15m spanner and Allen key to get the springs set right.

  • Found this one at a nearby beauty salon. 10sp Chorus, Corima carbon seatpost (it seems) but I cannot identify the frame. Has anyone seen one of these? The previous owner lives in France. I'm guessing Look or Time? Mid 90s?

  • Anyone know anything about Geoff Smith bikes? I know there's a shop in Bolton, and Geoff was an Olympic rider in the early '80's (Wikipedia - same one?)
    Not sure they made frames but can anyone shed any light on mid-80's f&f they might have built / badged? Have sent a mail to the shop in case as well.

  • Hei Guys,
    Need your help again:

    Is that frame Bottechia?
    BB size Italian, rear spacing 126mm, seat post size 26.8 or 27.0mm (more like 27.0), Campagnolo dropouts, Gipiemme rear brake bridge. Marking under BB shell: ALR 0051 60

  • Help needed identifying the maker who stamps serial numbers in the middle, where the rear stays meet the bottom bracket. The frame had a 'renovated 531' decal on it, that is all. Campagnolo drop outs, 80's style. Nervex pro lugs and Cinelli fork crown. Chromed front and rear fork sections. The shop I purchased it from said the previous owner called it his Carlton. It has lots of high end Carlton/Raleigh features but the serial does not fit with that. Unless anyone knows differently. British threading and came with Campagnolo record headset and shifters. I have included a picture of the serial number placement.
    If anyone is keen to help I can add more photos.
    Thanks in advance.

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    • frame number in middle of rear stays.JPG
  • Does anybody know anything about Flanders bikes? I've had a good dig around - there have been a few for sale over the years but nobody seems to have much info about them. I don't think the steel frame I've been gifted has anything to do with the Australian company of the same name, but could be wrong.

    I'll update with a photo when I'm home.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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