Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • You've still got your tin foil hat on I see.. Unlike your piss poor internet skimmed advice, my IDs come from 25 years experience in the trade. My catalogues are hard copy.

    Next you'll be saying the 50+ IDs I've provided from the goodness of my heart are all straw men too? David Icke must be #1 on your browser history.

    I feel sorry for the inadequacy of your ego. I can only help with frame identification. Your problems are beyond me.

  • You haven't denied the sham account accusation though? It would be easy enough to find out I suppose.... @Velocio ?

  • PM me a list of accounts you believe that he is and I'll confirm or not that they are by the same computer (and likely person).

  • Again you're missing my point, so I'll just quote my earlier reply:

    I haven't criticised what you have to say, just the fact that you created a sock-puppet to massage your ego.

  • Please do. Put the poor, doss old boy out his (imaginary) misery. And he can try a grovelling apology, if he's man enough...

  • You sir, are a cracked pot. I refute any of your pishy accusations.

  • Well, I concluded that it was pretty likely that you have another account on here. But couldn't conclude that it was absolutely certain.

    As in, ignoring sentiment of the comments, the other account has similarities in network and timing and other signals that the software didn't answer "these are totally unrelated"... it drew some correlations between the two.

    But... the software didn't come back and say "it's definitely the same person"... which means I'm left thinking, it's a strong possibility, it's likely... but I cannot authoritatively state it's definitely a spoof account.

    Then again... the software is just software... it's given a likelihood, it thinks it's possible... and then one reads the comments, and as a human I tend to think it's highly likely given the sympathetic sentiment of the comments of the other user.

    But hey, this is just sigint, it's fun. I can't prove you have spoof accounts in this case, but I can't disprove it either. None of us are wiser for it. It is what it is.

  • Dis gon be fucking humdrum.

    Def. Scilly Suffolk = humdrum, tedious, frivolous.

  • It is what it is - humdrum bollocks.

  • Oh, let me put you out of your misery.

  • Um...
    I've got this old Bianchi frame...

  • You're asking that question a little too late. There's no-one left here who can help you. Bad luck.

  • If it doesn't have chrome, it's wank.....

    I pay u 5 dorra

  • I bought this bike several years ago. At first I thought it was a legit Olmo...but as I gained more bike knowledge there was no doubt that it was just stickered and badly painted. But the question remains...what brand is the frame?
    Hopefully someone has a clue!
    The fork isn't origanal.

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  • Hi Kenzo, I have the exact same bb cutout. Did you ever find out what it is?

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  • No idea. I haven't bought that frame, and stopped researching. But I also haven't seen another example with the same cutout since. So still no clue what it might be.

  • I've heard a couple:
    Flanders, Zieleman and a Tomassini.
    All have the same cutouts. Zieleman mostly has the KZ panto's and Tomassini is supposed to have a panto as well and a frame number. 👻

  • It's definitely not a Tomassini:

    But Zieleman is definitely a good direction:

  • Seen that bb cutout many times on……

    …...Olmos. Earlier Competition models for e.g.

  • Colnago ???..
    I am living in Holland for 6 months and picking up a few old racers and parts for when I get home.. this is one that I am trying to work out, what is ist ?? I think its a Super..
    My main issue are the Forks.. they are not original and quiet heavy..
    So I am trying to locate forks to match.
    The frame looks to me, I tried to read up on it, look at LOTS and LOTS of pictures etc but no match.
    It is a great ride great and to me is eye catching.
    Any ideas on the model\year and where to get matching forks??

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  • any colnago / clover leaf markings on seat stay junction with seat tube, or rear brake bridge?

    how long a steerer do you need as have some original patina chrome forks spare.

    also a picture of head tube lugs would be helpful

  • Hi The problem is I have packed this up and sent it to my son.. I should I measured the forks on it before I packed it.. Hopefully when he gets it I can ask him to unpack it . I looked for Clover on the seat stay and did not see any. I also ask him to check the rear brake bridge. It may be some time yet.

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  • ok, pic of front or side of headtube would be better

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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