Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Hi,

    I was hoping someone would be able to tell me a bit more about this bike. Other than it being a Peugeot Pulse, I don't really have much else to go on.


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  • Zeus is a Spanish manufacturer, usually quite hi-end, what size seat tube?­eus/zeus_bicycles.htm
    new decals hers
    a plain pearl finish, maybe with some fades in another colour, would be perfect...

  • 1.6 -1.7 +/- kg frameset is Columbus EL or equivalent from another tubing supplier

  • It's a pretty decent spec Peugeot, in 7005 aluminium tubing, with what looks a Sora groupset. It's mid range for Peugeot, the Miche roller bearing headset probably an upgrade, nice touch. Solid commuter bike.

  • If you look on the handlebar stem (the part that's inside the frame) you'll probably find a date stamp. Looks like a 98/99.

  • My Salmon have simular track ends, is the headset french sized? He is still active as a builder so you could try e-mailing him

  • Thanks for that. The frameset is lighter than my 53cm Merckx Corsa SLX.
    It says EL are typically time trialling tubes, quite a bit lighter than SLX, and thinner.
    Why use SL or SLX over EL then on race frames, or vice versa ?

  • Thank you very much for your help. I bought it for 140 about a year and a half ago but was always curious about what else there was to this bike and then found this website!

  • You're very welcome. If you want to date it, French bars/stem manufacturers usually date stamp the stem below the insertion line.

  • Why use SL or SLX over EL then on race frames, or vice versa ?

    I'd posit that the acceleration/deceleration forces on a race frame are greater than on a TT frame, and even if they weren't, TTers are such a bunch of weight weenies that they'd take the risk of a weaker frame for grammes saved.

  • That makes obvious sense. I did wonder also, if, in the same way that they used thicker tubing on larger-than-average frames, they sometimes used thinner tubing on smaller-than-average frames, even for general road/race bikes...?

    In other news, I found scribbled down in an old pad the email address of the guy I bought the bike from...

  • Colnago, you seem to be the go to guy for frame ID, bought this recently.

    Can you tell me what year it is, what equipment would have been on it and what kind of metallic white they used as it needs touching up a bit!

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  • Head tube

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  • Side view

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  • 1984 Raleigh Team Panasonic by the looks... 531 so off the peg. What are the drop outs? Headset?

  • It's a 1984/5 Raleigh (not Panasonic) Team Weinmann. These were the British spec, Raleigh Panasonic used Campag or shimano parts.Reynolds full 531 c (Competition) with Gipiemme chrome drop outs/'shot in' seat stays. Quite rare with the Simplex/Edco drivetrain. Yours has the Edco Competition headset which can fetch £150 NOS. Edco were Swiss component manufacturers and in many ways well ahead of Campagnolo for innovation and engineering excellence.

    The full Team Weinmann kit list is as follows:

    Rear Mech: Simplex LJ 4000
    Front Mech: Simplex SLJ 4000
    Brakes: Weinmann Carrera 400
    Headset: Edco Competition
    BB: Edco Competition Double Adjustable
    Chainset: Edco Competition
    Saddle: Cinelli Volare SLX
    Stem: Cinelli 1A
    Bars: Cinelli 63-40
    Gear Levers: Simplex Retro Friction
    Hubs: Suntour Superbe 28H (2x front 3x rear - flat SS Spokes)
    Rims: Pianni CXL - Pete Matthews
    Block: 7sp Regina Extra
    Chain: Sedis Silver

    I've a friend who successfully found a car paint match for the Raleigh pearlescent white. Will get back to you later with details.

  • That's awesome, thank so much! Spot on with Gipiemme drop outs and Edco headset.

  • Columbus EL tubing introduced 1987/8 season.

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  • Here are the codes for the Team Panasonic/Weinmann paint scheme:

    Blue: Ral5005

    Candy (met.) White: Ral9021 or 8MM7B

    The red and yellow components are just decals. I've seen coloured red and yellow electrical tape (lacquered) used effectively to replace the top tube finish.

  • Says the Scilly Fuckwit who lifts all his shitey 'advice' from out of date online catalogues...

    That doesn't make much sense does it? I haven't criticised what you have to say, just the fact that you created a sock-puppet to massage your ego.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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