Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • cranks. what brand is this logo for? saying S with a crown on top of it

    update: just found out its sugino. does anyone know what crankset it could be. more pictures this evening

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  • looks like a black sugino pista crankset

  • I'd take a stab at a Martrac. They made some pretty funky track rigs. Very clean fillet brazing of seat strays reminiscent of one I used to own. Is the bb fillet grazed? They had a thing for mixing Reynolds and Columbus tubesets, which explains the 27.2/Italian bracket. Where did you get it?

  • It has plain sort lugs like those that we used to see on 80s SLs.
    BB shell is untouched as concern the degrees that can handle
    without any fillet brazing.
    I think that the fork and rear dropouts are the most characteristic
    elements that can lead us to a conclusion.
    Purchased NOS (without decals) from a good old shop in Athens at 2006.
    They was dealing selected frames mostly from Italy, France, Spain and UK.

    My best guess is Rychtarski and my second Dosi but i couldn't find even one
    like this...

  • Evening Gents, I've been lucky enough to pick up an interesting Vitus lo-pro but would like to know more about it. The seller said he thought it's a Carbone 9, but I don't have anymore info than that and any decals have been removed.

    It came with the original seat post (25.4mm) which is held into place with a grub screw and he said these were the original forks. Other than that it's clearly meant to be run geared as it has a rear mech hanger and downtube shifter bosses.

    Anyway, any input would be much appreciated, cheers.

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  • That looks awesome!

  • Cheers Max, yeah toying with the idea of building it up period correct, but more likely to sell it as it is as doubt my back can handle lo-pros...

  • Well I'd like to have a razz around on it, let me know if you do consider selling! ;-)

    What size wheels does it take?

  • If it hasn't been done already, replace the steel grub screw with a stainless steel one (a few quid in your local hardware store). Original screws had a very bad habit of bonding into the frame, meaning a mess with a drill and retapping disasters, which often go fatally wrong!

  • Thanks for the heads up, just removed the grub screw and on inspection it looks like a stainless steel one and was well greased... Do you know if this is a Carbone 9? I read the name relates to the number of carbon tubes used in construction, so in my case this frame would be a Carbone 7? Perhaps this originally came with carbon forks which counted as the extra 2 tubes on top of the top tube, seat tube, down tube, plus chain and seat stays? Any thoughts?

  • Ha, yeah I can imagine you bombing about on it... It takes a 700c rear, and 650C front wheel. Other than that the fitted Stronglight headset is in great shape and as mentioned it comes with the original Vitus seat post, and steerer on the current forks takes a standard 22.2mm quill stem, so other than the possibility of a French threaded bottom bracket it should be a straight forward project....

  • Thanks for giving it a go. I didn't see the "Uno" and was limited to googling "Univega Alpina", which didn't narrow things down that much.

  • EDIT: Never mind, can't get the picture to upload.

  • Says "Veneto" and the seller is selling it as such, but can't seem to come up with any similar looking models. It says Pinarello in black lettering on the seat tube, but this may have been added later. Strangely though it takes as an English BB. At ~50 quid it's a good deal either way I think.

  • For 50 quid I'd say its easily worth it. Some nice details like internal cable routing so not a cheap frame to begin with. Paint doesn't look to shabby either.

  • £50 is okay, for what you're getting, but a decent steel (chrome would be my choice) fork is going to set you back another £50-120.

    I'm always suspicious of a frame with no fork, as its generally a result of a head on collision which can trash the fork but leave the frame cosmetically intact.

    Have the bike checked for tracking when it's built up though.

  • Afaik the Carbone '9' refers to 4 off seat stays (constructed in two sections) 2 chain stays and 3 main tubes. Alloy forks were Vitus's 'thing'!!

    Also the bottom bracket is probably chamfered at 45 degrees to take a Mavic/Vitus sealed bottom bracket. I remember we had a tool to do this in the shop, but that was a very long time ago...

  • hey guys,
    something special here.
    old tommasini track frame, 80s i guess.
    didnt find any useful information about this frame.
    maybe some informed member does know anything about this particular frame by tommasini.
    i sent an email to tommasini but they didnt reply.
    however, have a nice evening and reply if you feel to.

    here are some pics­keqzwuud_jpg.htm­ac5kffk5_jpg.htm­ly4ncha8_jpg.htm

    pedalroom site:­pista--25882

  • Found some nice looking 27" 1 1/4 rims. Very decent weight Araya '27 2w' found on a sticker on them. Never seen a rim that size with an aero section to it, very similar shape to a Mavic Mach 2 (tub rim).

    Couldn't find any reference to them online. Built onto shimano 666/333 age of hub

  • I know nothing about this other than that it's stunning and I'm very jealous!!!
    Enjoy it

  • Help me to identify this cyclocross bike. It says "KIVADA", this is just a small bike shop in Holland, where it's from. So that doesn't help that much.

    • Non-steel frame (think alu) with a steel fork (magnetic).
    • Seat-tube is made for 28mm seatpost, that's not so common.
    • No numbers or what so ever on the frame or fork.


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  • Some more pics:

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  • hi guys,

    can you help me if this one an original non repainted Colnago or not?

    any help would be really great.

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  • It's not a Colnago paint finish I recognize, but it COULD be original. The fades are very well done, however if you look at the chips on the bottom bracket they do have the look of quite a thin, brittle paint finish. Are the decals on top of the paint, or under the top coat?

  • Saarf, over on the Colnago appreciation page is probably the guy to ask.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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