Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • nice one! Really appreciate your help. just bought it, will see what sort of condition it is when it turns up.. :)

  • As far as I remember (we used to sell these) the decals are just vinyl cuts on top of the paint and come off quite easily. There's a ton of holdsworth decals on eBay in much more trad Holdsworth style.

  • Thanks for the tip. it comes with a set of replacement decals, which will probably be the vinyl ones you mentioned. May have a hunt on the bay for a nicer set, and get some 531 stickers while I'm at it :)

  • I'm aware that MTB: s usually aren't in the LFGSS wheelhouse, but does someone know what model this Univega is?

  • Apologies if this has already been posted.

    Obviously a raleigh but I am curious of the year and original groupset.

    Grateful for any info!

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  • what's the seat post diameter, that'd reveal the likely tubeset

  • 26.8:

    Possibly a 1980's super course with a re-paint and custom decals added for whatever reason but then again possibly not.

  • If the black paint.on the forks and rear triangle is original, it's a RaleIgh USA. If not, it's more likely to be a bog standard Gran Sport, nice frame but not rare.

    Wheelcraft are famous for building wheels in Clachan of Campsie, in Scotland.

  • Gran Sport would have been specced up with unsurprisingly Campagnolo Gran Sport components. It's definitely not a Team Pro, with sloping forks and lugs like yours. Mid to late 80's.

  • I'll probably settle on it being a Gran Sport re-painted. It sure looks that way.

    Any idea what the frame would be worth alone? It's not my size unfortunately.

    Thanks for your input

  • I'd plump for Gran Sport myself. That had a shocking puke orange paint finish which was metallic and rusted pretty easily. Hence the respray.

    The Wheelcraft decals should come off pretty easily and there are loads of Raleigh decal sets on eBay for £7.99, probably worth part renovating it.

  • You could mug it up as a Team Pro. It seems to be a trend on eBay at the moment. So you'd have to paint the forks/stays same colour as the frame and a black band on the seat tube, decal set/531 decal. Going by recent sales you could get £2-300 for it.

    Personally I'd keep it, as Raleighs of this era are definitely going 'Ford Capri' in terms of collectors/eroica/kitsch British.

  • This was a pretty inexpensive buy so I'll probably keep hold and restore until the right buyer comes along.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Are those Airlight hubs? They are quite rare in my neck of the woods (Johannesburg).

  • Given the era of bike and kit, I'd guess they're Nuovo Tipo L/F

  • Having looked at the crossbar I'd have a stab at "Alpina" and possibly "Uno" for starters. This one's from google images.

  • Anybody know who made this:

  • Can anybody identify this hellenic track frame?
    Reasonably light frame, could be Reynolds 531,but no stickers. It has British BB with stamped number 86 0253

    many thanks

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  • It has the look of a Brian Rourke about it, but without any more details hard to say. 86 almost certainly year of manufacture.

  • It's been years now that i can't find any info about this frameset.
    Now that i almost kidnaped it to rebuilt it, i need all the help i can get.

    The only information that i 'm sure about is that this fork was the original
    and was painted light yellow with light green gradients.
    Its' BB shell is 70mm and been built for 650c front wheel...

    ps: seatpost 27mm

  • thanks! That looks very similar!

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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