Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Hi guys,

    I have an old cinelli pista track frame with a bunch of old campag parts, I was looking a for a 48t chainring that would fit a 5 arm crank with a 117bcd any links or messages are much appreciated

    Can anyone help identify this frame that I bought off the forum? It's been resprayed and stickered as Columbus SL tubing which may or may not be accurate. It does have Columbus dropouts though. There is metallic blue paint showing in places which may be the original paint. No number on BB. The seller has had 2 LBSs suggest it may have been custom built because of the geometry. I suspect that the forks aren't original to the frame.

  • I suspected as much, thanks.

  • This headbadge anyone?

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  • Must be an aluminium frame if is is "a bike you cant rust" ;-)

  • @ColnagoDaft @Carabo Sorry haven't checked this thread for a while, thanks for your help with the wheel. I think it's fairly likely to be one or the other of your suggestions - you certainly helped narrow it down a lot!

  • Can anyone tell me what year/model this Alan Frame is as I don't recognise it. More importantly is it a cyclo cross or a road bike? These are all the pics I have.

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  • @46x16Derby
    I mailed Condor recently with snaps of frame and the s/n of frame I suspected was a Condor. They came back about week later with the info, who built it, when it was built and some other details they had like that it looked the original headset that had been supplied with the frame. They offered some decals in the original email and when I replied with a few more questions re if it was butted tubing and what the decals looked like , they replied with more details and graphics to show the decals.
    I guess it depends on who picks it up in the office.
    I rang the shop first and it they weren't particularly helpful.
    The chap who dealt with my query was Seb but on the generic email
    Good luck

  • Hello guys,
    can anyone recognize this frame?
    Some people say that is "OLIVA".
    Columbus tubing + campy dropouts

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  • Hi all,

    I have a nice looking metal chainguard on a frame, with the brand "sl germany" stamped/engraved on it. I know I have seen this brand somewhere, but I can't find it just seraching for the name. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


    edit: looks pretty much like this:­uard/alu/chainguardfixeguard392-hebiesin­ce1868/

  • Anyone care to have a stab at the identity of this 50's road/path? Came to me via HilaryStone who described it as having "Mercian-like features" which it kinda does, but nothing uniquely so.
    The ridged/double-fluted seatstay caps crop up on mid 50's Mercs but are also a Holdsworth catalogue option c.57-58, amongst other examples. I'm yet to see a good match for the fork crown though, which is a bit plain by Mercian standards, and the horizontal brake bridge would tend to rule out the Holdsworth-family.
    Frame presumably 531, lugs Nervex Super Legere. Looks to have been originally black, but there's no trace of original decals.
    The complete lack of a frame number makes me suspect it's destined to remain a mystery, but I'd love to be proved otherwise...

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  • Hi Everyone,
    I recently purchased this Wolber 24" wheel off of ebay for a bargain price, however I'm unsure of what to make of it at the moment. The wheel has no braking surface and weighs 545 grams.
    At the moment I think it might possible be a Wolber profile 18 24" because of the weight and colour (the colour leads me to believe it might be titanium, however the people I've asked whether it is or not can only speculate and can't say whether it is definitely aluminium or titanium).

    In addition to this, the profile of the rim is incredibly thin and is also tapered, like a modern aero wheel. I have also put up a photo comparing the width of another 24" wheel to this wolber one, and the difference is 5mm. The width of this wheel is 1.4/1.5cm and the width of the wheel used to copare is 2cm.

    I really want to find out more about this wheel so if any of you can identify what it is by following the link for the images below, it would be very much appreciated.­ber-wheel/


  • Doug Pinkerton stopped in his tracks when he passed me as I was carrying this (still uncertain since last posted up here, probably Holdsworth) frame today.

    He says the brake bridge isn't the original and the cable mounts would've originally been on top of the top tube.

    In all the excitement I forgot to ask what decade he thought it may be from.

    Had fish 'n chips & beer for tea. /csb

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  • Does anyone know if this frame was built by Basso or a licensee frame builder? I´ve compared the lugs with every lugged carbon / aluminium frame I´ve seen so far. Not one had a comparable or similar lugset. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  • I spotted this odd frame in Bath this weekend - no seat stays and cargo extension possibilities. Anyone know what it is or who makes them? Had no branding or logos anywhere.

  • Hello guys,

    Any idea about this frame? Originally equipped with shimano 600 (the engraved one).
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi, any suggestions about this one?

    Obviously it says Cougar on it! I've asked Dolan about it but got no reply.

    The decals don't look like any Cougar anywhere on the web (or any of the usually available ones), and I know the name has been used by a few companies. Usually they have single color Cougar on the tubes in a distinctive and different font to this, and a spitting cat on the head badge. The stripes on the head badge are red/white/blue and give the impression it could be French, on the other hand the tubing is Reynolds which suggests a British bike.

    The bike itself is very small, is said to have belonged to a serious woman racer, and likely had a mix of Campagnolo (brakes) and Shimano 600.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Mainly whether it looks authentic.. It's fully chromed, when painted had a Holdsworth decal on the downtube, and is built with reynolds 531 tubing. It hasn't got a frame number on the BB or elsewhere (that the seller can find)

    Thanks in advance!


  • That's a Paper Bicycle:

    Designed by the excellent Nick Lobnitz of Carry Freedom trailer fame.

  • Hate to be captain obvious but surely its not a cyclo cross due to having no canti studs and limited (from what I can tell) mud clearances.

  • Looks like an early road version of the Mercurio, I see it has a polished aluminium right hand chain stay. They made road versions and cyclo cross versions of this frame. Very well finished and were about 550 Euro the frame, plus whatever they wanted for the carbon fork, as I remember.

    I've got a similar Alan road version in exactly the same finish NOS. Never had the Campagnolo to build it up!

  • That's the modern 80's version Professional. Didn't like the paint finishes or decals much but a very good frameset.

  • Thanks! good shout... looks like it would be useful for a simple cargo fleet (I'm not in the market personally, but good to keep in mind).

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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