Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • i have a denti and the headset badge is certainly not worth of the frame.
    the frame number for the Taurus is T0691.
    to be honest it's sat gathering dust and i really need to move it on, but want to be sure of what i'm selling...but obviously a donation will be made to the forum when sold.
    i've googled but can't find anything, unless you want a ford!

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  • Doesn't ring any obvious bells with me - it is a fairly high end quality steel frame though, should sell easily.

  • Any opinion regarding the post with "F M" on the frame (#4674). I want to build it as the original model (if we can find it), using the same model for crankset, derailleurs . Thanks!

  • thanks for your help - i've placed an ad in forks and frames...

  • Anyone have any information about this wheel or rim/hub? It came on the first track bike I bought when I was new to cycling. Was originally told it was Gipiemme NOS and took the sellers word for it, not so sure now and can't find any info anywhere... Any ideas?


  • Looks identical to the Ambrosio Alu Splinter wheels - around 1995. Probably rebadged gipiemme. Unlikely Gipiemme made it though, took them years to get decent wheels out.

    Nice wheel but you'll probably find a bit heavy..

  • Thanks @ColnagoDaft - you may well be right although the Ambrosio wheels in the link are 650c and 18h and mine is 700c and 16h. I should have mentioned mine are clinchers too and the Ambrosio are tubs, any ideas if they made a clincher model too?

    As they're 16h do you think it's possible it may be a Gipiemme Tecno with a newer sticker on it? They don't look exactly the same but it's close. The two holes on the rim, on opposite sides don't seem to be on the Tecnos either. I found these from random googling which are supposedly Gipiemme/Dodici. They have the holes in the rim on both sides, but the valve hole is in the wrong place...
    Thanks for your help :)

  • Gipiemme tecnos had a different (extrusion) cross section compared to your wheels. Yours is a perfect U shape where the tecnos have a dimple in the side of the U... hope you understand what I mean lol. You can see the lighting play on the dimple on the images of the dodici rim (same as tecno) you've linked to.

    Did you check the currect Gipiemme catalogue? They still have a variety of track wheelsets but I'm not sure if they do 16h wheels. I do know they have a similar rim shape to what you have.

  • The two holes (probably from casting) are on my 700c Ambrosios. I'm almost certain that's what your wheels are. I'll try and post a pic at the weekend.

  • They made clincher and tub versions of the alu splinter.

  • Gipiemme produces a rim that looks exactly like the one in your images. It's called the Gipiemme A40 (Which is also sold by Dodici as their 405 model)

    It is available with a 16h drilling.

    Pretty sure there isn't any rebadging going on here. There is a possibility that the moulds are shared between the ambrosio and gipiemme rims but I don't think the rim shape is distinctive enough to be sure about this.

  • Hi everybody !

    I am looking for informations about a Colnago frame.
    I have made lot of personal research, but unfortunatly i do not found any informations about this frame.
    If there is an expert about Colnago, i would be happy to have informations about this frame series, the year of production and eventually the painting job .

    The only thing that i have it's this crappy picture

    Thank you very much

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  • Does your frame have any 'colnago' or clover engravings? Is there a frame number on the bottom bracket?

    It bears some resemblance to Maxi Sport frames I think. Certainly an interesting frame!

  • Wow that's an interesting piece! Guess they didn't settle for one design immediately (curiously).

    Do you have more images?

  • Actualy this is the only picture that i have.
    Its hard for to give you more informations :(
    Like you said it look like a very interesting frame.

  • Which frame is this?
    cervelo alu something?

    edit: ok found it... It looks like a cervelo p3 aluminium

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  • Does anyone know anything about these decals? Is this the logo for a certain company/parts manufacturer?

  • Berardi (Italian) had a four leaf clover logo, as did Automoto (French) both very decent frame makers:­-bikes.127770/

  • someone on another forum found some details, surprisingly close to where my inlaws live­=93251.0

  • Can anybody tell me anything about this frame. I found it in excellent condition. it was too small so i made it a bit more compatible for my wife, removed the drop bard and Jaguar saddle with what you see.

    Frame had "Lenroza"(?) stickers on, and made in Japan.

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  • Can anyone ID the brake levers here? Ta.

  • Cane Creek SCR-5

  • Does anyone recognize this frame? Haven't been able to find it in any of the old Motobecane catalogues I've been able to look through.

  • This is just a bog standard late 70's / early 80's Motobecane frameset which has been up cycled.

    They are made of 10-20 steel so pretty heavy.
    Quill stem would also be 22mm instead of 22.2mm standard.

    I have fixed up a kids version in CP:­2/

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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