Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Hmmm, well that was a little harshly put yeah. But I really don't think it's hard to find good reference material. That Campag 1993 catalogue I linked is high res and it was easy to find through google. It shows the components very well (from one side but that's usually enough)

    You're right about Velobase, some listings are a little messy, but it's a good start if you're looking for something.

  • I think that's a Shimano 6600 crank that has been polished.

  • It's a four spider C Record chainset. Any fule know that - totally schoolboy error Wim....

    That's some lazy shit identification ;)

  • I think we are talking about different cranksets, no? I'm talking about the one Shark posted on the previous page. Looks like this one (look at the way the bolts are placed):

  • But I'm wrong too, Ultegra 6600 has no dustcap on the driveside. ;-)

  • Anyone an idea what kind of bike this is? Someone on Facebook came up with the thought of the bike being a Gazelle Tour l'Avenir, but I doubt that personally...

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  • .

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  • Seatpostlugs

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  • And Campagnolo dropouts

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  • Not sure if the same but anybody knows this fork used on a Ciöcc frame:

    or this one:

    I found it here:­ciocc.htm and here:[­?do=DetailProduct&productid=126262] but can't find the name of the forks.­?do=DetailProduct&productid=126262

  • Anyone know what these are:

    And where I could get them or something similar to carry a rack on a nutted axle?

  • Hi,
    Anyone know much about miyata alumitech series?
    There's a interesting one sold locally without shifter bosses on the downtube or any shift cable stops, But the rear dropout have rd hanger.

  • Hi - 1950s frame - I know what make it is, but what's with the forks? As far as I know, it's not a track frame, so they can't be stayer forks, can they? Is it just an affectation?

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  • other way round

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  • What did I just buy? Got this frame for £16 for a mate, anyone have any idea what it is? Logo on the headtube might give some insight, and its got a chromed fork crown and bulleted stays. I'm sure it's nothing special, just curious. Safe!

  • Folded steel prop-stand bracket behind bottom bracket is usually a bad sign.... Gas-pipe 10-speed by the look of it.

  • Yeah I expected nothing special, it's just for a budget beater for a mate so he's not bothered. Just curious about the brand really, cheers pal

  • Looks like a seventies Halfords frame, which were actually made in house, in the UK and although heavy - quite a decent quality build. There's a video on YouTube somewhere of Halfords being produced and finished.

  • Halfords vs Wester Ross: framed for success

  • Really interesting piece there! Cheers

  • Hi there! I have on my hand this frame with oval tubes "aero" style... had a Milanetti fork with it and has a weird pantograph on seatstays a little star between two stripes.

    I really can't say what this little girl is... all i know it has a BMZ (biemmezeta) below the bottom braket; as italian i know it was a factory from Padoa that made third party frames, nothing else.

    After a lot of research i found a German guy who bought a frame just like mine on ebay two years ago, but after i managed to get in contact with him, he didn't know anything else.

    Any luck? :)


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  • What do we reckon this is?


  • Has anyone got an idea on the exact model of this colnago?

  • Reckon it might be a very old carlton that's been resprayed and a new decal put on it.
    Here's the sort of thing I'm thinking of

  • I can only see one lo res photo but it looks like a regular Super from the 1980s.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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