Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Always a pleasure Wim!

  • How much is a Somec frameset in Columbus EL worth? Considering buying one, although I really have no money, so want it to be a good investition at least.

  • Hi,
    Any chance someone can identify the frame? Or just a copy?

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  • I think someone wasted a beautiful frame by putting Concorde on it. ;-)

    Veltec had it's (Belgian) distribution center near my place (Gavere) so I've seen lots of Concordes but never one with this kind of lugs. I can be wrong but I have serious doubts about this being a Concorde. But as I said: I think it's better.

  • I was thinking that was a re-paint. Just odd that they choose concorde, rarely(never) seen them around actually.

    Worth a punt you think?

  • Veltec did a lot of repainting in the 90's. And back in those years, they were pretty popular so having them repainted in Concorde colours wasn't that strange (first the PDM-pro's were riding them and later you had the Colstrop/American Eagly team with Adri VDPoel and Bart Brentjens).

    Only thing I can say is that it has nice lugs and a nice front fork (looks a bit like the later MX Leader forks Eddy Merckx made). Difficult to say what tubing it's made from and think that makes a frame a cheap or expensive one.

  • It would be good to see the rear dropouts a bit more clearly.
    They look long, and don't seem to have a rear mech hanger.
    When you then look at the pump pegs under the top tube and lack of bottle or downtube shifter bosses, this looks like a late 50's, early 60's frame with a 90's paintscheme - very curious.
    I'm guessing that it originally looked something like this before its modernisation:

  • Had it been a Veltec paintjob they would have bothered placing the decals correctly.

    This must be a 'hobby' paintjob.

    Frame look old (60's) (edit: missed Rik's comment) and appears to be a touring frame going by the eyelets. So not really special but still nice.

  • Haha, yes, you're right. Didn't notice that. :-)

  • Yep, that's my guess. An old touring frame repainted.
    A bit odd they choose concorde, they are not to familiar here (indonesia). :)
    Thanks for the help guys!

  • Hey guys, I got this frame last summer at my LBS for 30£.
    When I got it the previous owner had removed the old paint job, but I think there was traces of yellow... Maybe some red-ish, but I'm not sure.

    I f*ing hate this frame, but it would be nice to know what brand it is at least!


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  • Can someone remind me what chainring this is? cheers.

  • Hi guys!

    I'm negotiating price on a frame that might be a Cinelli but probably isn't. Maybe some of you can shed some light into the issue?

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  • anyone know anything about BSE lugs?

  • nvm found

  • Hello all,

    I bought this frame set labelled as "Format Vision". Seems like the original paint job and stickers.
    The empty frame set weights 2000g, plus 640g fork.
    27,2 seatpost. 53cm top, 55cm seat post tube (cc).
    Tubes sounds like butted, no seam inside, labeled as "extralight".
    Italian threaded BB.
    Fork dropouts are gipiemme.
    I wonder if You can tell anything else about it (like tubing, any other example from the "brand", whatsoever)

    Thanks in advance!

    IMG_6126 IMG_6125 IMG_6124 IMG_6123 IMG_6122 IMG_6121 IMG_5937 IMG_5888 IMG_5887

  • Hi ! i have vintage dancelli frame, what are the tubes in it, whats model year ? thanks !

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  • Hi all.
    I was given this frame by my godfather, who used to race it on tracks back in the 70's. It has the number 13C43 stamped on the bottom bracket. Apart from that I don't know much about it. Could anyone tell me anything about it? Where / when it was made? Whether it's worth anything to anyone? Thanks

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  • Hi,
    That's a nice Holdsworth Cyclone track.
    Probably 1950's. Possibly that C in the frame number is a 6?
    There is one exactly or very similar to yours here.­ic.php?t=162777

  • Hello, a friend has asked me for some help identifying two bikes that belonged to his sadly deceased great uncle.

    They are way before my bike knowledge starts and know there are a lot of knowledgeable folk on here. One is a gents Raleigh Sports Model with Sturmey Archer 2 speed hub gears with interesting shifter and then hub brakes. The other is a ladies step through shopper with basket both have some nice features and are very good for age having been stored away for many years.

    If anyone can help it would be really appreciated, he's been offered £100 for both which I dont think is a great deal but really have no idea of their value. I cant embed photos but here is a link to on my flickr. Thanks in advance for any help Jan.

  • That definitely looks like it! great, thanks. Doing it up properly is beyond me. Any idea what it might be worth if i decided to sell it?


    Any idea what this frame is? Can't find anything on 'fleet' bikes. Just bought it off ebay.

    Sticker saying supplied by palace cycles, carlisle, so I will give them a call tomorrow if i get a chance. Anyone have a clue before then?

    It has a 26.8 seatpost and weighs about 2.3kg

  • Edit: I emailed Liotto who confirmed this frame is one of theirs.

    Can anyone tell me if this frame and fork is indeed a Liotto?

    What I know...

    1. Bought from the classifieds here (has more pics):­60/
    2. Frame is beautiful in the flesh but the stickers are on top of the lacquer and look slapped on, none are straight and they overlap on the downtube ones... makes me think a previous owner just put these on.
    3. I cant find any examples online of a Liotto Super that wasnt lugged.
    4. Going by the welds (look like TIG) and weight (1600g for frame and 600g for fork) I dont doubt that it's Columbus Genius, but may be wrong...?
    5. Only identifying mark is 55x4725 on the BB shell and Columbus stamped on the dropouts.
    6. Found the exact same frame here (has more pics):­ic.php?t=94923 which is also Columbus Genius but no Liotto insignia. He claims his is English BB but mine is definitely Italian, checked last night.

    What do?

  • Anybody heard or seen a islabikes bike with 653 tubing?

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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