Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Thanks! Great stuff. I heard that you were the expert @Scilly.Suffolk, very nearly copied you in for that reason... ;) Glad to hear that one is the right era to match the rest of group... Finished project will be posted to the forum next week- I hope!!

    Cheers again, S.

  • Most welcome, but I'm no expert: I operate on the principle that if you make enough noise, people will assume that you're right... :)

    What group are you going for?

  • I can see your point with the above pic, and after reading the thread you linked to the previous message, guess i'll never know... On the bright side since i am not getting the "Colnago" i get to keep my 92' basso (which i love).
    Thank you very much for the patience and good advice.
    Cheers :-)

  • Well, it works!

    It's a groupset for a '93 Batavus Professional. On finding the catalogue, the finished bikes came Shimano-equipped, but nevermind...!

    It's mostly Chorus (FD[!], RD, Brakeset), but with a Victory chainset & levers (because they're beautiful IMO and only a few yrs off-period) and a Record wheelset (because I don't have any others!).

    Cinelli bars & XA stem, with an old Campag Centaur (MTB) seatpost. A bit mish-mash, but it's looking ok so far...

  • always a pleasure!

  • Any guesses on this saddle?

  • Just got my hands on this old Kalkhoff frame, and can't figure out this tube sticker. Any help?

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  • Trying to identify this fork as I need one like it for my track build, looking for a 1" ahead drilled or undrilled. Either alu or carbon, just so long as it has a bit of an aero profile to it.

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  • Can anyone PLEASE help me identify my father's old bike. I've had no luck on the w.f holdsworth website.
    It's a biopace professional 531 frame. Shimano 501 full set (not sure if that's original or not).
    Has a lot of sentimental value to me which adds to the thrill of riding it. Identification and carbon dating would complete the puzzle. Thanks

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  • That's a Reynolds 'SMS' tubing sticker, which would have originally looked like this:

  • Close ups of the decals would help (particularly the ones on the top tube).
    It seems a late Holdsworth.

  • Great help. Thank you!

  • I picked up this mystery track frame from Hilary Stone last week. It's a peach, but the Colnago decals have got to go, and ideally be replaced with something more accurate.

    Hilary believed it to be from the 80s, it's Reynolds 531, 27.2mm seatpost, wrap-over stays and sweet drilled lugs. The track ends and fork ends are both Campagnolo. It's got 472 stamped on the BB shell.

    Any ideas who made it?

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  • @dbr - nice looking frame mate.
    Assuming it has BSA BB thread (i.e. not italian) we'll assume it's a UK frame builder
    perforated lugs are not hugely common here - typically on TT bikes back in the 70's.
    Intial thoughts: Ron Cooper, Chas Roberts, Dave Russell and those sorts of people would be a good place to start. My Roberts also has perforated lugs and frame number is 107 (early 1970's)­ts-tt-rat-early-70s-19278

  • Nice one, cheers Rik. It is BSA threaded. I reckon Roberts might be a good lead. I called them today and their numbering system was three digits up until about 1984. It's got the same fork crown of another Roberts track frame I found, and the curve of the fork looks similar. Chas isn't back in the shop until Wednesday though so I'll have to wait for confirmation...

  • Cross posted from the Colnago thread... I believe that these forks are Time, they were not bought with the Colnago frame they are on, anyone know what model / age they are?

  • this could be also a vitus carbone fork­grue/cadres/mach1/P1000300.jpg
    This fork is looking good on your Colnago. By the way, is it a Super/superissimo?

  • It does look fairly similar to that Vitus, but, I think, the crown shape (notably curves to front and rear of top) is different, as is the curve shape to the inner of the forks themselves (sharper on the Vitus) and the drop-outs are more horizontal on the vitus.

    I think that it is a C96, it was sold to me as such.

  • Without seeing better pictures I'll guess mid 80s, they usually put the name on the top tube. When was biospace introduced? The badge on the headtube was a stick on affair from about 1980 onwards I think

  • I can confirm its Reynolds sms tubing, google it and a few threads on various sites comes up.

    Not the lightest but feels good. 26.2 seatpost?

  • possibly painful........prolongo?

  • anyone?
    i've seen it once before in some tt road bike but can't find it again.

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  • That is some serious chunk of aluminium! Could even be home made?

    Suggest its possibly from a european equivilent of BETD/Goldtec who machine out random innovative weirdness in their spare time.

  • I quite liked the 35mm polished alloy fenders on by their TF-imports. They have been sold out for some time and I didn't got any response if they would be re-stocked any day soon. Anybody know where to get these similar somewhere else? I'm looking for post-order, since I'm located in Sweden. Cheers

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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