Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • @Rhodrich Is that Thames Ditton?

  • @fasteddy Indeed it is!

  • Has a cinelli BB, @Gabby128 yes is it that bike, but I can't find anything under the name maggioni. When I google it, it comes up with my exact bike only

  • Picked this frame up the other day, I have no idea what it is!

    Its fully chromed but only the drive side chainstay is polished. Gipiemme dropouts front and rear. Seat post is roughly 26.4-26.6 . Frame weighs about 2650 with headset cups , fork about 750.. Im thinking maybe Aelle? Not sure it seems too heavy but possibly the chrome is adding some weight?

    The build quality seems pretty crude all round , the lugs are messy and rather unusual looking. - the headtube lugs are decorative at the front but very long and plain looking on the down tube, I've only seen something similar on a 1930's frame on Hilary Stone, but the rest of the frame looks more modern.

    I haven't seen many raw steel frames up close , perhaps it just because its been keyed to accept paint but it looks roughly made all over, particularly the seat stay caps. There are file marks everywhere. Does a raw frame normally look this bad? How much does primer and paint cover ? Rear brake bridge is also rough, and looks as though it has been badly drilled to take a recessed caliper bolt.

    The fork does take a recessed bolt and also has significantly less brake drop by about 10mm- perhaps its not original , though the crown is plain and the dropouts are also Gipiemme.

    The other unusual feature is the very plain cable guides on the top tube, never seen ones like this before.

    Any guesses ?
    Sorry for the poor photos:


  • first post here! I'm currently trying to buy a bike off craigslist and the seller says the frame is a leader 722. I'm a bit green at this but I'm sure all leader frames have LEADER printed somewhere right? Again I'm not sure so I'll post screenshots if anyone could tell if its legit I would greatly appreciate it

    thank you!

  • Could they not have just taken the decals off? Looks like a Leader to me

  • anyone know anything about this stem? I've had it a while and know nothing about it.

  • Are you trolling?
    It's a badged cinelli, hard to see what model, due to the angle of the picture. It would have been chromed originally, and is very desirable. Sometimes the badges were painted, but I have seen some unpainted, like that one.

  • I should have been clearer. I know it's a cinelli stem, was once chromed and the badge was probably painted in there blue/red/gold. I don't know how old it is, model name etc. I'll put another image up. cheers

  • from the side will be best. then you can work out what angle it and then it will be clear what model you have.

  • Theres a few images of the stem on my 'current projects' thread:­1/#comment11782129

  • Hi are you still trying to find out about your frame? I think it's a Bates B.A.R or Bates Vergrandis, could also be a later one built by Ron Cooper. They called the tubing Cantiflex (531) which apparently made them more stiff

  • anyone know what handlebars are on this, I know the pictures not great but kinda wanted some of these

  • 3ttt moser?

  • Thanks ivan

  • I think they are moser 51.151...... For ease of searching!

  • Thank you also stedlocks

  • This chromed Giovanni Losa with the Cromovelato lugs was advertised on ebay a while back in the North of Italy. I bought this bike and took it back home to Switzerland. It now wears a Campy 50th Anniversary group.
    The frame is a mixture of Columbus Air tubes (frame + rear stays) and Columbus SL tubes.
    I am led to believt that the Gilco-shaped upper tube and down tube are somewhat "home-made" with only the upper half crimped with two ribs (unlike an ESA Mexico or Colnago Master that features 6 / 4 ribs).
    The frame is heavily pantographed and features a Cinelli "Spoiler-BB shell" but doesn't have the cut-out front lugs that were always a signature of the Losa-built frames.
    Giovanni Losa built many frames for Swiss bicycle dealerships like Krapf, Schwab, Piero Zurino, as well as for Brazzo, Olympia (Borghi) and of course all Swiss Magni / ICS + a number of Cinelli Supercorsa frames.

  • ^ pictures would be nice

  • Anyone recognise this pinarello badge?

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  • Never seen the Gpt (Giovanni Pinarello Treviso) logo on the headtube, most likely a wrong and ugly restoration (or just a different badge they used for unknown models as I can see some unknown forks as well).
    Any other pic?

  • some more pics here...

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    • image.jpeg
    • 1 more (sorry its a little blurry)
      its got a peculiar set up regarding the forks, but I am wondering if the frame is legit??

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  • +1 more of the underside

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  • For sure it is a resprayed conversion ;)

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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