Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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    This thread is the product of merging many threads in which people ask for help to identify bikes, frames and other bike parts.

    If you need something identifying... add it to this thread.

    My mate had his back wheel nicked off his bike the other day. Crying shame, it was a beautiful thing. Gunmetal finish shimano 105 hub on a mavic open 4CD, the only problem is we have no idea what to replace it with. The whole bike has the same groupset, but I've no idea whether its 6/7/8 spd. Any way of telling from the rest of the bike?

    If it helps, the hubs had little raised bits in the centre of the axles that said 105 on them. Any ideas?

  • Sounds like 6 speed maybe early 7, although, i had/have some 105 in the early 7speed style and it seems to be almost painted grey. Could be 1050 series.

    That's not very helpful is it.


  • Not an expert in the older Shimano stuff but try looking for markings on the deraileur/shifters. Sometimes they're stamped with codes and id numbers, which can be useful in tracking down such information.

    Secondly, has he ever changed or had the hub worked on? Does he recall whether its a freewheel or a more modern cassette hub? Freewheel would probably indicate 6-7 speed and the cassette, 8spd. - This is rubbish as they made 6spd cassette hubs too.

    Thats about the depth of my knowledge on these things. Hopefully someone will know more.

  • By raised you mean like this right? Just a little band in the middle of the hub.

  • Yep, looked a lot like that. Same finish too. I'll get some model numbers from the rest of the groupset when I'm next in town, see if I can track anything down.

    Say we found out if it was 6 or 7 speed, what would his options be for replacing it? Preferably without spending too much money...

  • ebay, your best bet.

  • ... well it turns out he gave some guy on the street a tenner and got his wheel back :S I hope he shops the guy for handling stolen goods.


    Happy B/Day LFGSS

    I bought this bike early at the Herne Hill Good Friday meet and hope other forum users who were there saw it before I got it. (It had white walled Vittorias on at the time)
    As can been seen it has been made up by Edwardes of Camberwell about two and a bit years ago but I have no idea who the frame is made by, I was told it is Italian.
    I took it out this morning in the snow as a recci to find Seven Dials and the courts at Brick lane so I know where to find the Southend crew next weekend as I live in Surrey and apart from pulling the brake cable through it's mount and learning to skid very quickly, the bike behaved very well.
    If you saw the bike and have any help/ideas on the frame it would be greatly appreciated.

  • i saw it at herne hill. how much was it?

  • £270.

  • Have to dash out but will check back on this post in an hour or so.

  • looks like an edwards :p

  • nope, in fact it's an edwardes...

    ...'tis a nice one though...

  • ah, my mistake, you are right

  • Cheers Guys. I should have guessed it would be written on the frame for all the world to see

    To my knowledge Edwardes never built frames but did buy Guillot and even then Ron Cooper, the principal builder left Guillot/Edwardes in the late 60s.
    And yes. Tis a nice one!!

  • There are a large number of contractors in Italy who build frames for other people, i.e. Billato or Viner, as well as selling them under their own brand name. Condor still use someone in Italy although I don't know who exactly. I'm sure if you dropped into Edwardes and asked they'd tell you the frame's provenance.

  • Cheers Andy, that was my next course of action.
    Just thought that someone who was at the track might have had an idea.

  • i dont think its a ron cooper, he left gillott in 1967/68. plus i thought he only did lugged frames, hes now doing stuff for the witcombs apparently, so you could take it there and ask him.

  • danger joel i dont think its a ron cooper, he left gillott in 1967/68. plus i thought he only did lugged frames, hes now doing stuff for the witcombs apparently, so you could take it there and ask him.

    You are right, it is certainly Not a Ron Cooper frame.
    Cheers though

  • But this is­58981228_79d61b08ff_o.jpgBut this is

  • Did you get the complete bike for £270?

  • Yup. Right place right time and right frame size. go figure.
    Had been looking at a Lemond Filmore for $450 (albeit freewheel) for about a month and then because of this forum went to the track meet and voila.
    Oh the tyres and tubes are new, it had vittoria 700.20 white walls on when I bought it (free to good home btw)

  • white tires, they should go like hotcakes on this forum!

    Yeah that's a bargain, congrats! Maybe get some straps for the pedal clips. :)

  • I use spd's on my hybrid commuter and think I will change the rat traps for clipless. The bike had no pedals when I bought it but I convinced the guy to throw in a pair so I could ride it home to Richmond.

  • Edwardes current alu track frames are black with the worst white screen printed logo on them. That's alot more palatable.

    Re. contract builders, Caribou in Taiwan are doing 853 chromed lug frames with an $8000 minimum order. Spec your colours and geometry to order. Group buy?

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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