Cross-top brake levers

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  • I am looking to add these on my current ss bike with the current shimano drop brakes I have (4 levers in total). I am looking to order something like these:­o-Tektro-Top-Mount-Brake-Levers-7187.htm­

    Are there any tips for setting these up with the current drop brakes or is it simply a case of cutting the cable housing at the right point?

    Cheers for any info

  • don't learn ro ride with drops properly

  • simply a case of cutting the cable housing at the right point

    This ^

  • good... nice and easy then. Yeah I can't ride with drops properly so should suit me..

  • watch out - these come in around 3 sizes -see if your drops have a collar (or are oversized)- - get right size to keep levers close to the stem or you'll lose some of your hands-on-top room. these are great even if you're perfectly at home on drops. good for upright vision in traffic ---and general laziness anywhere , just to scrub off a little speed - all my bikes have one of these on for the front

  • ok, wondered about clamp sizes. My bars are 26mm so gues the ones I linked to won't fit?(which say max 24mm....) There seem to be some Cane Creek ones which have 26mm or 31mm choices but they are too pricey for me....

  • Just bumping this as I'm planning on re-doing my brakes of my commuter and the front has a cross top and I wondered if anyone has any advice for optimum performance.

    In particular there is a distinct difference in feel and cable pull at the drop levers compared with the crosstops. It's only my commuter so it's not that important, but equally if I'm doing the work I may as well do it right.

    Any top tips?


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Cross-top brake levers

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