Festival of Cycling

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  • 5th and 6th June at Transport Museum. Graham Obree will be there, lots of things going on. It's really all week 31st - 6th, so I'd like us to have fringe fixed ride in the week - anyone interested? Flyers?

    Pop down and support it if you can.

  • I shall be around then so put my name down.

  • Nice one.

  • i hope i can stick around in coventry for that it sounds fun :)

  • Count me in, just give me a time + day :)

  • 3rd June for a fringe festival ride event (think greyhound racing) ahead of the 7.30pm showing of the Flying Scotsman. Start and end at transport museum. What's the earliest folks can meet?

  • I'll see if I can make it :) May have the dirty project bike sorted by then...

  • should be able to meet any time as lectures will be over by then

  • Fringe fest ride 1st June. Gonna make it an alleycat. With prizes. £5 in (to help cover cost, and determine size, of prizes). Anyone interested?

  • P.s. Joe - good to see you & bike - hope bbq went well!

  • I don't mind chipping in with the cost but I don't think I can race.

    Killer hay-fever this year is getting me down.

  • ill be up for a lil bit of a race methinks aslong as i can get back from the bank holiday weekend back home in time

    and the bbq went well was eventful like lol

  • Cheers Zouo - Hayfever is a bitch, if you've aircon at work sack it off in spring and open a window everyday to get gradual exposure, that and eat local honey. Working outside and eating honey working for me for the 3rd successive year. Some days are hard work on the eyes and temper but I'm pill/spray free so far this year.

    Be good to have a few more confirmed beforehand... I'll message everyone early next week to get folks looking in.

    For now though

    1) FroJoe

    Helping: Zouo

    Glad the bbq was fun :)

  • Is this daytime or evening? Might be able to help out if in the evenings...

  • This year has been very bad for me hayfever wise. Normally I get it mildly at worst but for some reason I have had it really badly the past couple of weeks.

    Anyway, more than happy to help out of course.

  • evening

    Could have more helpers than racers at this rate


  • Contact some of the brum folks as well if you haven't already. I know there's a few people in Leicester, Northampton, MK etc..

  • There's a thread in the Brum forum, no responses.

  • Been too busy with day job and bmx event to sort owt for 1st June, propose we just meet up and ride out?

    For those who've not been before, we can drop into Peace house cycle project so you can meet folks there who're all fixing up :)

  • sounds like a good plan to me :), i sure never been to the peace house place

  • Have bruised my foot something good whilst body boarding, not sure i'll be able to ride far tomorrow. May just join anyone from town to peace house, assuming i can do that even.

    Who is out riding? 6pm Browns? Edit - have nice bruise pic to post when i get online proper...

  • how do you body board in Coventry mate? in the canal sluice?

  • Been to Croyde. Just at some services near brizzle on way home. :)

  • schweeeeeeeeet, bit of swell then,

  • Yeah, was great. Payback begins tomorrow tho!

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Festival of Cycling

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