Bike got ran over!

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  • Today I went for a short ride down to Holbrooks from Memorial Park. On the way I got cut off by a "lorry" which was turning left but didn't indicate. To cut a long story short I was probably in his blind spot which was stupid of me, but the truck turned so fast that I basically just crashed into the side of it and my bike got ran over. During this time I was still clipped in so I have no idea how my legs didn't get run over. Take a look at the damage for yourself....­268

    The guy in the white truck or whatever it was drove off, and I was so shocked that I got hit that I didn't catch the reg. Hit and run. Ambulance and police came. Overall, nothing can be done on the side of the police since I don't have the registration.

  • Damage to me: Badly scraped up knee, a lot of pain in my feet since I was clipped in at the odd angle, ripped up my favorite pair of jeans.

    Damage to bike: Snapped fork, Bent handlebars, bent left side crank, front wheel sort of messed up, back wheel totally smashed

    Overall I'm glad that I didn't get severely hurt, but my bike is dead haha. No damage to the frame though so maybe if I save enough money next year I can get a new wheelset and fork to get riding again since this is my only bike. Just thought I'd share my experience with you.


  • Fuckinell - Just glad you're ok - jeans and bikes are replacable, you're not.

    Lesson to all - don't get caught on the left of vans or trucks (or cars for that matter) near junctions.

    Shame you didn't get the reg. Get your feet checked out at the docs if the pain stays for more than a couple of days.

  • Wow! That is a lot of serious damage. You are lucky to be alive. Glad you are OK.

    The Police are useless when it comes to things like this. Intheory they could dig the numberplate reg off one of the local CCTV cameras of which there are vey many. Getting them to do this can be a nightmare though. You'll find your doctor is much more sympathetic and can give you some advice if you have an lasting injury.

  • Oh, and if you need to borrow parts to get yourself up and running then I have some spare cranks you can borrow.

  • Crazy! Glad you're ok!Hopefully you'll be able to get hold of some parts to build her up again :)

  • Paper shows another cyclist knocked off yesterday - he's in hospital on life support. Ride carefully folks.

    Keval - hope you're feeling ok the day after...

  • Thanks guys. Yeah I'm pretty thankful that I was lucky to simply walk away from that. I'm walking with a bit of a limp and stairs are painful but oh well haha.

    I do want to be back on the streets soon so I will be getting together some parts. I will be getting in touch with people who have stuff for sale. (Including Marcus, the saddle has been amazing and is thankfully in one piece)



  • Shit. I can't believe I seen you in CCC like 30misn before this, I heard you talking to them about the toe straps, I was gonna tell you about some my mate same has on the bmx pedals but you kinda sounded like you knew what you wanted.

    Shit thing is I knew ride was closed as we'd just been passed. Feel like a tit for not saying something now.

    Hope you're alright thought mate and sorry about the bike, was nice :(

  • Hey no worries man, shit happens haha.

    I think I might even have my bike back together by next week. The only problem is my knee is still quite painful so I'm going to the doctors on Friday. We'll see what happens....


  • I hope you're alright mate. We'll go for a ride when you're back up and well.

    I broke my thumb at the end of January, still isn't 100% now but I can ride at least!

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Bike got ran over!

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