I'm back...

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  • Hey guys, I broke my thumb the end of jan, broke it pretty bad, it's still not 100%, but I can ride pretty much as normal now, so I'm itching to get back out - any plans for the up and coming?

  • Glad to hear you are nearly fully mended.

    Not aware of any dates as such but if you have any proposals.

  • as soon as we get some good nice, I'm sure we all have a long weekend this weekend, might be an idea?

  • I might have some time on Sunday. Weather wise it looks like it's going to rain for the next week - for a change.

  • Ah thats shit, i'm off work now, indefinintely... so i got loads of time lol

  • Work slow then?

    Don't think I'm about to ride this weekend, fighting some serious man flu thing...

  • I got made redundant while I was off on the sick.. so haven't worked since I broke my thumb.

  • Sorry to hear... hope you find something else soon...

  • That's harsh when you are on sick leave. I hope they give you a decent package and don't stick you with the statutory minimum.

    I know a lot of people that have been laid off over the last year including most of my former colleagues. Most, if not all of them, who wanted to find work have managed to find something that was the same as what they were doing if not better. So keep your chin up as there are jobs out there.

  • It wsn't my bosses fault, we were in a very small market and we fought it for months. I didn't do too bad, I've applied for a few but there's not a lot about to be honest.

    I always said if I was to ever loose my job I'd retrain so hopefully with a bit of look I'm going to be off to Uni in semptember studying photography!

    So it's not all bad!

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I'm back...

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