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  • I've got some 700c front wheels knocking about. No rear to match with tho.

  • Thanks, but ironically I have plenty of fronts.
    Cheers anyway

  • Buy a cheap but decent rear fixed hub, OnOne etc..., disassemble one of the front wheels you have and take the rim down to one of the Cov cycle shops and they'll build it up for you. Might work out cost effective and you should end up with a solid wheel.

  • yeah, i'll probably end up doing that if i win this set of campag ventos on the internet.
    any shops in particular that you'd recommend?

  • I can only recomment Kev at Cov Cycle centre as he built my wheels for me and I am quite fussy:­uck/4515696744/ The only problem that might arise is that they don't have your spoke length in stock in which case they'll tell you what size you need and you can order them online. I got mine from SJS cycles as I could order in multiples of 6.

  • +1 for Kev

  • Cheers man, that's really helpful.
    How much did he charge per wheel/spoke?

  • Can't remember the exact cost so best give them a call or email them. I do remember that they charged for spokes at about the same cost as ordering them myself. Turnaround is 2-3 working days.

  • Ok, I'll make sure to do that when I pick up some new wheels and a hub.

  • edited I am updating the list and might move items to the For Sale forum or ebay.

  • Possible dibs on belleri bars + stem and concor saddle, pending getting on computer to check out pics...


  • I'll upload some pics of the parts you mentioned later tonight.

  • Only just got home so pics will have to wait until tomorrow evening. The bars are the same as the one's on my Aende which you can see on my flickr.

  • Defo the bars and stem. Can i have closer look at saddle? Will text you. A.

  • Sure. I'll bring the saddle along with the bars and you can scrutinise it. It's old and dirty but looks ok on the bike. I found it a bit hard compared to the modern repro version.

  • Hey Marcus I was wondering, that FSA crankset you have, do you know if I'd have to get another bottom bracket if I wanted to put those on my bike. I have no idea what my BB details are now, all I know is that I've got a Sugino XD crankset on there. Definitely in need of another crankset though.

  • You are welcome to try it and see if it fits. I have the tools to fit it which would take a matter of minutes.

    As far as I am aware the FSA uses a 111mm BB but in practice it's a bit hit and miss depending on your hubs, cog, chainring etc and your tolerance of a poor chainline.

  • For Sale:

    track drop 42cm c2c width, 31.8mm clamp size, dull silver, aluminium, off a giant bowery 72

    £10 ono

  • I need a headset if anyone has one going spare and a new body
    got fucked by a car and railing in coventry

  • also selling my campag bottom bracket and cinelli bars and stem

  • daylightbombings - Are you new about? Not seen you around. What do you ride?

  • what length's the bb?
    if it's 111mm i'll take it please.

  • Im the guy with the loud chain on the maurice

  • i'll take a look for you man and i'll let you know

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Coventry Classifieds

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