Cov fixed gear

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  • yeah i will post pics, im just busy getting it ripped out of me for runnin 2 brakes on a fixie

  • Fook 'em. Or just take off the rear brake?

    Andy (2 brakes and happy).

  • personally im keepin both brakes but only the front is useable atm as those pads dont work on the new wheels (and man do they squeal) and i only had one pair of pads sittin around

    need to change the lever position like im so not happy with where they are atm need to take it into CCC for advice methinks

  • What sorta advice are you after on bar position? Bring it around here if you like.... cheaper?

    Might have to wait until Thurs eve though if you decide to as I've stuff on this week.

  • hmmm thanks for the offer i might take you up on that its mostly how high to put the bars etc and where to put brake levers as im thinkin puttin em near where the stem joins the bars instead of in the drops but not sure of the pros/cons

  • Bars as high as makes it comfortable for you. TBH I'd just leave them as they were - you'll get used to them - just adapting to drops as you've never used them until this bike.

    Them levers are not designed to go next to the Stem, will 1) look silly (but who cares tho) and 2) be more tricky to use. The levers were originally fitted with cross tops (giving you an extra braking position when your hands are by the stem) - I'll have a dig around and see if I can find the bits I took off- it's just some lever shaped bits and a couple of screws (you'll be able to see where the screw went in).

    I'll get back to you if I find them...

  • Ok... found them and what I'm hoping is the correct bolts. There was nothing else in my junk box that'd take bolts, so they have to match.

  • sweeeet

    aha i knew i had seen those on other bikes of same vintage and i can see where they used to go. and i was considering switching to bmx levers cos i have some of those lying around and some of the cables to go with

    ive raised the bars up as it was killing my back when i rode it (i have a damaged back)

  • They're bagged up and on my coffee table - will carry them with me tomorrow as I'm in office Pm so in city centre in the PM. Text me if you're free to grab them at any point 1pm - 2.30pm or then 4ish.

    Low bars won't help bad back, so raising them is a good idea.

  • hmm tomorro afternoon is pretty busy for me unfortunately just give me a text when ur free and ill see if i can come in 4ish is most likely if lectures have finished early like they usually do

  • ok

  • A lot of people run a single bmx lever on the top of the drops near the stem. The reason being that on old style track drops you tend to hold them nearer the stem because they are very narrow at the top. There are other aesthetic reasons as well.

    For bar positioning, the ends of the bars should point towards the rear brake bridge. Start off with that and then move them until you are comfy.

  • I met Keval today - a rider living in Earlsdon... he said the dude with the Bianchi + White spok is his teacher (in an educational sense, not fixie sensei I imagine). I've got his number so will inlude on future ride plan texts.

    Also - saw a Brown Coventry Eagle with Brown risers locked up outside Browns (I'm not kidding). Anyone on here?

    I feeling the need to make and carry some cards to put on these bikes (and in bike shops) as promotion...

  • I had a design for some spoke card things which I'd knocked up at work ages ago. There's a laminating machine sitting on one of the desks in the office so when no one is around I'll run some off.

  • That sounds proper awesome. If you've the design you could email, I might be able to print and laminate a handful too... would be in trouble if got caught tho! EDit - could just laminate with sellotape?!

  • I'll email the design tomorrow as I need to adjust it a bit. I remember there were a few mistakes.

    Sellotape doesn't work very well and doesn't last especially if you get it wet.

  • Nice one. Ta.

  • I've still got the ride planet earth/cov fixed logos kicking about somewhere if they're any use :)

  • I got a vans flip flop coat hanger in my wheel :D

  • Nice to see Keval out in town today, with Barry the courier (yjd) too - nice to put name to rider. Hope you both get your skid patch numbers up soon ;)

    When* we all gonna ride out to the pub then?

    *nowt possible next week for me though but don't let that stop others...

  • You must have missed me again. I was dropping off the saddle for Keval - who was walking a punctured bike.

    I'm busy the last week in April for work. But I can meet up in town before then for a casual ride.

  • And news item of the day. I found out the H. Burton was blogged on Locked Cog:Ā­ton/

    MIght sell it now ;-)

  • hey saw a black and orange (possibly bianchi) fixed cycing round memorial park on sunday near the skate park was this any of u guys?

  • Might be the Mongoose "Maurice" (Morris in plain English). It's black and orange.

  • yean im pretty sure thats it, its quite striking in real life
    i think i need my eyes testing like as im not sure on what planet "maurice" looks like "bianchi".

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Cov fixed gear

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