Nows there's 3.. kinda

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  • I'm actually from Exhall but it's still classed as coventry even though it's on the outside!

    Just building my bike now, should be done in a couple of weeks. :D

  • Nice one! Pics when done, please!

  • here you go dude..

    Since joing this group I've seen a youngish chap in bedworth and a mid 30's bloke in nuneaton on fixie's

    There's a few about

  • Nice one. It's about time we brought folks together.... finally getting round to putting a pic of my ride into this group too

  • Deffo mate, I suggested in the main forum we sort out a ride

  • I'd be up for a ride and would make the effort to get into town bearing in mind that I just moved even further away. Still working in Cov during the day so evenings are possible although weekends might make more sense now the evenings are drawing in.

    Nice colours by the way 36thcrazyfist. You must be quite a tall fella.

  • I live about 7 miles from town I think, but i'd be up for it too.

    Cheers mate, I'm just under 6' 3" seat could probably go up a little to be honest lol

  • Nice one. I replied in that thread suggesting 6th Dec. Maybe do something sooner tho? Ideas?

  • I keep writing Nice one. Must stop.

  • I'm flexible on dates myself. If you want to make it sooner it's ok with me but depends on how many people can be got together.

  • maybe it'd be easier to crash a Brum event first time so there's sure to be more folks about?

  • To be fair even if there's only the 3 of us it'll be cool cause I only have 1 friend who rides fixed (he'll probably come), all the others can't keep up lol

    It's an excuse to ride to be honest, so I'm in for whenever.

    Sundays afternoons in cov city centre are pretty dead, be cool to boot about on a dry one?

  • Agreed. Plus Brum is a bit of a hike for me.

  • ok sounds like a plan for some point. watch this space, or name sunday and time and I'll be there if I can make it.

  • i have just moved into cov, from blackpool and i ride fixed, my bike was a 19 year old raleigh flyer but the bottom bracket ate itself and couldn't be replaced so in the mean time i'm getting a cheap/shit create bike for hipsters to tide me over till i can do a rebuild.

  • Welcome Kane. If you need tools / parts to get your old frame running then let me know as I have a box of spare bits. Even if the thread is gone on your bb it is still possible to get a replacement and it will be cheaper than one of those create bikes which are not supposed to be great quality.

    It also seems that we lost all the last few days discussion in the forum crash so let me try and recap.

    A ride has been proposed, the date 8th Nov was offered up by 36thcrazyfist

  • Ah yeah it's gone.

    I'm still in for this Sunday, what time were we thinking, light is pretty bad now so I'm guessing about 12ish would be good?

    I'll kep an eye on the weather, but it looks cloudy and a very slight chance of rain at the minute.

  • 12 is ok. I am keeping Sunday free for now. I got a new rear tire so I actually have some limited grip now in the wet so a bit damp is ok but pissing it down is definitely a non starter.

  • A bit damp keeps you on your toes, lots more fun..!

    Where we meeting?

  • I was thinking where rhb took his bike photo which is just outside the BBC (Priory Place?) opposite the transport museum. For a couple of reasons the most important being I can actually find it without getting lost.

  • I don't have my SS yet (charge plug freestyler - I know, I know...) Should get it in a couple of weeks though :)

  • Thats good for me Zouo, place will all the blue lights that tells the time in some bullshit alien language no-one can understand yeah?

    Steve, may as well still come mate?

  • Awesome Zouo, I'll started a new thread about it so peeps can see.

  • ^ link to new thread?

    The pic of my bike was done outside the belgrade theatre, but there's a nice fountain above priory place too. Good place to meet outside the transport museum. I might not be there as I may be oop north. If I'm around I'll make it though.

    P.s. We need to get Joseph to re-join the group, I'll send a PM.

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Nows there's 3.. kinda

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