My first Cov fixed sighted

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  • Spotted someome riding a white compact frame, drops, red rims, white chain, fixed being ridden from the direction of Binley Woods, round the back of B&Q and then on towards Morrisons. Making good time as well through all the rush hour traffic.

    If by any small chance you are on here then hello.

  • Fuck. Maybe it's time to get some stickers / flyers done to throw at these fixed riders? That's about 10 if you add to the list I started in that other thread.

  • I'm talking to a mate about stickers at the moment. I could try and knock up something maybe? Anyone have any designs in mind?

  • What text do you have in mind to put on it?

  • No idea to be honest. Open to suggestions. I was thinking of a small square sticker with the shape of a fixed cog, with some text inside it. Maybe something simple like "Sent to Coventry"?

  • Something to do with the post code would be pretty cool, CV1, kinda like what Kong did..?

  • I just searched "fact about coventry" and apparently...

    "Did you know that the first ever English Bicycle was made in Coventry. Built in 1870 it was called the 'Ariel"

    I was thinking something saying "since 1870" would be cool?

  • How about something like "est. 1870" ?

  • Could steal the old Coventry eagle head badge and re-work it maybe?

  • Yeah thats a good idea, I'll have a go :)

  • What about simply(with apologies to all I copy)

    I [pic of bike] Cov

    Simple & says it all. I like the idea of reference to the heritage, will folks geddit though? I guess sticking the "since 1870" underneath wouldn't be too cryptic. I could have a word with Transport Museum Steve and see if he has a more precise date from the archives?

    Also, been thinking of stickering the bike hoops around town to advertise rides... e.g. 6th Dec is Ride Planet Earth day


    I [pic of bike] Cov
    Ride Planet Earth 06/12/09
    10am Sir Frank Whittle Arches

    Would maybe get more folks out? Could flyer the bike shops too...

  • Sounds cool man :D

  • Something like this..?

  • I just realised I spelt "whittle" wrong, but it was only a draft anyways :P

  • That's nice, I like!

  • Just a suggestion. Cutting down on the colour makes it cheaper easier to print. Also, think how it might look in black and white and run off a basic photocopier.

    The top part with the bike and Cov has decent sticker potential.

  • I can print in colour on a colour photocopier/laser printer. Only onto standard A4 but can do funky A5 prints etc etc. Any good?

  • Actually, what size would you want these printed? I can ask a mate who works for a printers in Daventry (same guy I was talking too for stickers).

  • Should we email to say we're doing a ride in Coventry?

  • I used to be on the Committee for a huge Volkswagens Club, like 16,000 memebers plus, so I have loads of contacts for cheap printing etc.

    With the flyer though I wouldn't even bother about quality too much the audience isn't massive and most people will bin them.

    The stickers need to be on point though, I can sort that, but we need a shit hot design first. I'm at work at the minute and only have photoshop, if I get time over the weekend I'll see if I mock something up in Illustrator, draw a proper fixie from scratch :)

  • Steve, send the email mate, they wont mind the publicity I'm sure, you'll probably find out that they're already doing something Coventry based anyways?

  • Steve, send an email mate, they'll love the publicty of it.

  • Sent this just now:

    Hi Kim.

    Just to let you know that a small group of us from the London Fixed Gear forums - - based in Coventry, UK (not London) are trying to organise a Ride the Planet event in our city. We're not sure how big it will be as there are only a few of us organising it, but we will do our best to document it as described on the Ride the Planet website.

    Many thanks,

    Steve Smith.

  • Cheers Steve, dunno why i double posted there.

    Also, you want to ask about insurance, when we had meeting oranised by the Mk1 Owners Club we had to have certain insurance policies in place, regarding public liabilty insurance, be worth askign the question.

    Don't want to make the forum liable for anything in the case of an accident etc.

  • Jeez, no idea about insurance and the like. Started a Facebook group -­7575072854

    Will email about insurance, but I doubt they'll have a clue as I think they're based outside of the UK.

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My first Cov fixed sighted

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