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  • Can't see either of those being the issue then.
    My money is on the thickness of the circlip material.
    G'Luck with that.

  • yeah it sounds like it. I've got some vernier calipers so I can check it against your measurements, that's really helpful, thanks.

  • Circlips are thinner, I have some spares; if you need one.

  • Welcome @sb88

    His query is the following:

    *Just ordered a Brompton – I cycle to appointments for work city-wide but hip and back issues mean using public transport more and more, so wanting to combine the two. Also more convenient for visiting family on train.
    But – I had just assumed the bars could be swapped out to tweak fit and hadn’t thought much about the implications on cable length, folding, etc.
    I also didn’t realise the ‘H’ type model comes with a taller stem/steerer too.
    For a commuter, I need the grips to be at least level with, preferably 1-2 inches above saddle height, to prevent further hip/back damage. I know some people will have their opinions on this – this is the only way I can ride without 48 hours of subsequent pain and I am having to move on several of my more sporty bikes. I’m trying to put off car use as long as I can.
    So, I ordered the ‘M’ type model and am hoping someone with the same model can check the saddle-bar drop at my saddle height (70.5cm BB centre to saddle top). This would need to be a post-2017 model.
    To be fair, it seems like the 'M' type model is the only one in stock anyway. A swap down the line to the H stem/steerer seems possible, but it looks like only authorised dealers can do it, which is frustrating, being an experienced former shop mechanic.
    Thanks in advance!

    Probably the best person to ask about Brompton on this thread is @Rhobbs

  • Hey all,

    I just posted this question in general bike chat as was re-directed here:­66/#comment15919465

    Basic question is that I've ordered an ML6 (only model in stock) and want to make sure the bars will be high enough. I need them to be 1-2 inches above saddle height, with saddle at 70.5cm from BB centre.

    Can anyone with a post-2017 M-type Brompton check this and let me know what the saddle/bar drop is like at my saddle height?



  • morning,

    M type, with centre of bb to saddle top around 70cm will be 3/4" to the top of the bars.

    If you go with a H type, you add 63mm to the height of the bars (i think off the top of my head) so I would suggest this would be more suitable?

    I have got a H6L in orange due in a few days...

    I also have a H type stem in gloss white in stock; repainting is not an issue, we have to fit the frame parts in house / cannot sell them otherwise.

  • Probably the best person to ask about Brompton on this thread is @Rhobbs


  • Are there any non-extortionate child seat options for a Brompton? There seem to be a couple that mount in front of the rider but cost a lot. Anything else I should look at?

  • @Rod_Munch might have some experience to share on that front?

  • milian bryant with Bobike is fantastic for kiddos 6months - 2 years
    then 3ish upwards look at the Milian Pere (pricey tho)


    I have emailed you for more details. Cheers.

  • all set, thanks!

  • Glad I posted here! Sorted me right out and in a more interesting colour! Cheers @r.hobbs and @HoKe

  • Cheers. Is that compatible with S bars? I can only find the brackets for H and M.

  • technically, yes, but kiddo would be leaning forward a bit!

  • Cheers. I'll have to ponder whether that's a better route than my previous plan of a whole new bike.

  • Just got the CHPT3 serviced and is riding like a gem again. No more creaks or grinding noise (well until the next raining day)

    Fresh new chain, rear hinge, rear wheel and brake pads makes the bike feels like a million dollar again!

    Only problem I find annoying is the cateye volt 800 front light is not fully secure to the mount it seems and keeps rattling to spoil the ride, @Rhobbs is there a way to stop this happening or is it a standard problem with cateyes lights as it is not the factory Brompton light so therefore there will always be a rattle?

  • as it is not the factory Brompton light so therefore there will always be a rattle?

    The Brompton lights are just re-branded cat eyes so you’d hope that wouldn’t be an issue

  • Rear wheel?!

    The Cateye lights, if it’s the Brompton light mount, should be perfect as it’s a Cateye bracket on there. Check the bracket is tight to the mount, been using a 1200 on one for a while no issues

  • Thanks both, currently using volt 800 and as you both said they should mount perfectly I’ve checked the mount underneath the light and it looks a little worn. So I’ve ordered a new part for it and hopefully that will do the trick.

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  • Yeah apparently they said the rim was worn, also i think the axle was fucked as when i try to ride with no hands the bike decided to turn on it's self and need my bum to counter balance the bike to keep it straight

    (I have no issues in terms of riding with no hands btw)

    Thinking to ordering the 1700 for lolz (and safety)

  • No more creaks or grinding noise

    My 2 speed creaks too. I've just cleaned the bike and cleaned/greased the drivetrain, I can't figure out what's causing it.

    Is Brompton creak a thing?

  • Yes. It’s usually the suspension block. Bit of grease, etc.

  • That works for a while but a new block will cure the problem...

    Until it starts squeaking again...

  • Putting a new chain and sprockets on my SL2 today. Going to be a messy job!

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Brompton owners

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