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  • Will do. Any idea how much they cost?

  • Hey Ryan, do you reckon the Fahrer porteur rack will work with this Mission Workshop bag? Not sure if you can tell from this picture, the straps are pretty clearly visible...

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  • I've also found this one for sale, bit cheaper and looks a bit wider than the Fahrer, any good? Not as neat as the Fahrer tho'...

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  • Hmmm, without dropping the two together difficult to tell it’s either not going to quite fit, or just about fit. ££££ tho.

    Look at trigo ones from bike gang!

  • I picked one up off eBay, they all look exactly the same... 🤷

  • Took off chain, derailleur, chain prayer, cleaned it all, but still not moving smoothly... Any suggestions appreciated!

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  • Tidy. Great video.

    Undo that 1.5mm grub screw, does the derailleur now move back and forth with a bit of a snap? (Spring tension)

    If yes, then the issue is with the Anchorage (where the grub screw is, friction within that sleeve) the cable or the shifter.

    Annoying process of elimination!

    I’m pretty sure that’s a shifter issue, as when you move the DR on its own, it seems to spring back fine? Only when you shift with the shifter it then has issues?

  • Just tried this and you're right, spring tension seems ok when the grub screw is released.
    So do you reckon I need to take apart the shifter?

  • You can take the shifter apart etc but there is just too much plastic and the ratchet / spring are too small etc.

    Fit a sunrace m90 friction and forget about it!

  • Was going to argue that this
    is the bestest trigger. Then thought about it that your choice is new and looks more comfortable to use without taking hands off the bars then wandered on to sjs site, and will the bar end lever fit in to the end of the brompton bar? Does the cable fit under the grip?

  • Fit a sunrace m90 friction and forget about it!

    On the question section of that shifter on SJS someone asked if these could be used on a Brompton and the answer was

    SJS Customer Service:
    Unfortunately it won't work with Brompton

    Does it actually work?

  • It's friction, so yes it works...

  • Got an M bar and stem (with 2017 + levers and cables) im looking to pass on. Probably after around £140

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  • I’ll have that changed; yes I have fitted it a few times.


  • Add photos of your shifter/bike + does it work?

  • Oh!

    Yeh works great.

  • No photos?! Poor service.

  • You got Mail

  • Does anyone have a normal Brompton saddle that they are willing to sell?

  • Seen a few people using a remote shock lever as a 3 cog shifter:­2qA

    Very nice looking shifter, but how is it indexed correctly for 3 speed? Do the cogs need shimming or something?

  • At a guess, like friction shifting.

  • Cheapo eBay rack seems great! Not the greatest fit with the bag but I've got some extra mini straps to fasten the bottom of the bag to the rack for peace of mind... I'm happy! Now I need my new job to start so I can start riding in to work again... 🤓

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  • Recall on leccy bromptons

    Under specific circumstances if a system failure occurs, there is a small possibility that the electric system may continue to provide assistance to the motor, causing continued forward momentum, when the rider is not actively pedalling. The risk of an accident occurring is very low with only one reported fault, which did not result in any injury or accident.

    That sounds terrifying in traffic. Not sure I'd class that as low risk

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Brompton owners

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