Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • @R.hobbs, did you get my pm yesterday?

  • Yes
    I don’t know

    I found it!

  • Just came across some old pics that might be of interest to some on here;

    In 2010 I gave a mate a hand with a house clearance in New Cross. House owner was a hoarder as you see in those doco's, the only way through rooms was a narrow path through piled up boxes of assorted stuff. House was huge, think three floors plus a rat infested basement, and totally overground rear garden. I forget what the job was, but I think it was basically waste removal, taking out stuff that was too far gone to be of any use.

    I noticed an immaculate early Brompton, and took these pics because I was so amazed. Completely unused, still had the catalogue hanging from the (plastic) Brooks saddle. I recall the frame number was something like 252(!) so I contacted Brompton in the week after to see if they would be interested in approaching the owner for their archives. Reply was that they would sell the owner a new model for trade price in return for it (which unfortunately wasn't an option).

    Still wonder what happened to it to this day

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  • Has anyone had any experience of using the various adaptor plates available for the Brompton front carrier block?

    I want to mount a hardshell musical instrument case, but struggling to find decent reviews anywhere...

    Or would I be better off trying to find a brompton bag frame?

    Either the ebay china ABS ones:

    or the more pricey aluminium ones on amazon/etsy:

  • Can anyone confirm if the bit of post where the Pentaclip mounts is 22.2mm?

    And anyone have one they want to part with? Was about to buy one from eBay but thought I’d check here first. Condition not really important so long as it works.

  • I have a spare Pentaclip and post..

  • Only need the pentaclip, it’s for a beach cruiser that uses a 22.2 post and currently has a horribly cheap and nasty clamp on it.

    If you’ll split, how much for the clip?

  • Il pm you!

  • Got a Cyclescheme voucher worth £800

    Was thinking of getting an electric scooter just to find out they are not included 🤦♂️
    Already got a Brompton (and too many bikes) , and I know they're impossible to find now. But anyone who's interested do let me know and we can figure something out re it's worth (40% discount at my salary)

  • Can’t really do this... your employer owns the bike not you.

  • Very good point indeed. Forgot that detail.

    Guess will wait for when the scooter will be legalised next year. Doesn't seem to be a end date to the voucher.

  • Yes and no, technically the scheme operator owns it.

    That said, IF you do resign before the full instalment payment, you'll be charge the outstanding amount (wihtout the tax savings) as a benefit in kind and you'll then own it.

  • Are Bromptons super sold out just now? Had a few folk asking for them more than born.

    Also anyone fitted a swytch kit to a Brompton? Had one in this week and it has dimensional problems which is interesting considering they are designed for only Brompton

  • It depends on the company. Usually if they call the scheme to £1000, usually they own it. If the cap is higher, usually the operator owns it.

    See­5-who-actually-owns-the-cycle-to-work-pa­ckage for more.

    If you do resign not sure you own it. I did resign once, paid the remaining without the savings, but at the end of the year, Cyclescheme asked me if I wanted to keep the bike or extend the lease until the end of 5 years.

  • AFAIK, Yes. They stopped accepting new orders until the end of the year, or so I've been told by a shop

  • Not quite true, depends on the shop!

  • If you are a premier dealer no, sjs will see 30 bikes January - March. And have 20 between. Now and the end of the year.

    Lower ranking dealers will see pretty much nothing I think

  • So used prices up then? Or at least selling at asking price without as much hassle

  • Yes, it’s tailing off a bit now as Brompton have supplied a lot of bikes to Asia / North America

  • Substance over form, you own the bike after the 12 months period, put it this way, this is a scheme which really should be a personal allowance for individuals to purchase a bike BUT the powers to be decided that's too easy...

    Why the heck does the employer and a 3rd party which takes up to 15% commission for doing fuck all is needed to buy a bike?

  • Cycle to work schemes are a complete fucking scam, even more so since the limits were increased. It’s criminal, should be a flat rate for admin not a %.

  • Can't really complain with what you guys say, but, those are the rules...

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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