Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • The ti parts used to made in Eastern Europe, Russia, Bulgaria and Slovakia I think. I used to receive titanium seatposts wrapped in Cyrillic newspaper.

  • Just fyi. I still have mine and love it and use it so much more than my other bikes now. And I haven't even started commuting again (which was why I bought it in the first place)

  • glad to hear it!

  • Probably not because Brompton are cunts.

  • Also still love the one you built for me!

    Use it all the time to avoid public transport.

  • Nope. They do. Saw them a few days ago. They’re just limiting use.

  • Saw two being brought yesterday at Condor yesterday,

    The grey is nice, but I still prefer my V.1 tbh.

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  • Friends bikes up for sale

    That's very nice..

  • Lovely ride from Portishead to Bath a couple of weeks back. 60km and cycled alongside the M5 over the Avon, from Avonmouth station to Portishead. Some experience!

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  • Everything thats not the frame is pretty much dog shit/agricultural

    Yea, after looking into these bikes a bit I can see where that statement comes from.
    So why the massive price tag?
    Just because nobody else managed do make a compact bike fold down neatly like that yet?
    Is the frame actually that good that it's worth paying the price?

  • Partly because they're UK-based and paying UK labour costs; partly because they've positioned themselves as a boutique brand and charge what the market will bear.
    Dahon curl uses a similar fold, but isn't significantly cheaper (and doesn't seem to be widely available in the UK)
    As a multimodal commuter for UK public transport, there isn't anything with a better fold; yes they're heavy, yes not everyone likes the ride, yes they're arguably overpriced for the components, but if mine broke I'd suck it up and buy another ASAP.

  • Whats the diffeence between this;

    and the old version:

    Apart from the 40g weight difference -- doesnt seem to be anything else?

  • One is shiny, the other isn't. Shiny is obviously better.

  • Shiny is obviously better

    This is true.

  • Straight pull spokes rather than J-bends, and as a result wider flange spacing for a stronger wheel. Laterally, anyway.

  • One is shiny, the other isn't. Shiny is obviously better.

    Yes, but the new version of the Son XS hub is also available in the nice Shiny finish.

  • Couldn't resist.

    Question: I suppose the bracket in the second picture is there to keep the frame from unfolding, but it's obviously not doing its job right now. Is it bent? Thanks in advance.

  • snap. Not sure about about that bracket. If mine doesn't clip on to the stay usually means ive done something wrong in the wrong order.

  • Yes, it’s completely buggered.


  • Had to bend it 90 degrees, now works beautifully! It realigned the mudguard in the process; win.

  • Just the aesthetics, weight and spoke style.

  • Trasher (sorry, meant you), is this the correct Brompton chain length? Mine is a couple links longer.

  • A new life created!

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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