Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Finished today, customer happy.

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  • Yes, but I’d get the aluminium lever too, really nice. No more functional, just “nicer” and a touch lighter

  • Anyone know of a folding bike rack top bag that will fit a laptop in?

  • @Rhobbs, do you have any spare bolts for the latest two speed shifter, the ones that hold the shifter onto the brake lever body? Customer has lost two and can’t find anything suitable to replace it....

  • Yeah tonnes, just send me an email with an address I’ll post some out!

  • Two of my friends who have Bromptons (as well as other bikes) got married recently. As a wedding prezzie I bought them a pair of TiGr Titanium locks. Last night in Bermondsey thieves stole one of the Bromptons and were making an attempt on the other. The thieve's weapon of choice with which to cut the locks was a blow torch.
    I'm not going to comment on why Bromptons were being left locked up outside.....
    Be careful out there, people.

  • v3 out today

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  • a hard no from me

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  • My seatpost keeps sliding down. According to the Internets I can first try to tighten slightly the seatpost clamp, which I did but to no extent. So now it seems I need a new seatpost sleeve but that should be done by a shop. Any recommendation for a place in (North) London?

  • Brompton Junction Store
    76 Long Acre
    London, WC2E 9JS

  • You could always DIY it. All you need is one of these. The reamer, not the keyboard.

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  • Hang on, it doesn't mount on the bike?

    I was vaguely interested up to that point.

  • Nice one, thanks!

    @Brommers but precisely, I don’t have one of these. I do have a keyboard though.

  • Ah, but do you have Das Keyboard?

  • its back mounted... lame!

  • Hang on, it doesn't mount on the bike?

    Brompton missed an opportunity for making it into an ultralight bag that uses their front luggage mount -- more comfortable to ride with and handy when carrying it off the bike.

  • Lovely, ta! Can you pm me your email?

  • Just a heads up if anyone after a nearly new B75 with a few tweaks mines just gone on the classified page at a "non opportunist" price.

  • Bit of a technical question that I thought better to put here than in the general mechanics thread; for the first time since I’ve owned mine (two years, 2nd hand), I tried to remove my stem but surprise surprise, it’s seized. A little hammering and cursing later and only the wedge releases when I hammer the stem bolt. Next course of action - flip it upside down, spray a ton of lubricant up the fork and leave overnight, then hammer upwards using a socket - nothing.

    It’s not critical right now, but when I upgrade to the disc fork, I don’t want this looming over me, nor do I want to shell out another £100+ for a new stem because I ended up sawing off the current one.

    I’m missing something obvious, right?

  • 6mm Allen key, undo 2 full turns then twat with a hammer to release the wedge. Pull stem out.

    Only had 2 not free up. That was a case of belt the stem out from under the fork

  • How much effort did it take to belt out from the fork? I’m wary of damaging the wedge, as it won’t come out because the bottom of the shaft it tapered.

  • Can you get the wedge out and then use a long drift to push against the stem hinge? If you just try to clout the wedge it'll just wedge itself in place.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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