Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Ah, happy memories...

  • frame is the same, old type m style stem / bars, old shit brake levers, older gear shifter, shit grips. older brakes - actually no issues with these.
    cheaper tyres without reflective strip, cheap saddle/clamp, non flding pedals.

    Its okay, but they should/could do better.

    When we have bike stock I build one with better wheels, new style brakes/stem/bars/grips/levers/shifter, any handlebar and any standard colour. - was £799 or £845 with mudguards but this may go up a touch with new price increase.

  • The lack of a folding left pedal is the biggest practical difference if you actual care about how small it is folded - which is the main reason to buy a Brompton.

    the biggest that matters are the levers/shifters IMO

    They use some sort of cheapo generic brake levers, not the older Brompton-specific type.

    I prefer the older gear shifter, but I'm probably weird.

  • They use the older pre 2013 brompton levers? which should not be allowed on a bike.

  • That's weird. I'm sure the early photos showed a different lever, but I can't find anything to back that up. Must be misremembering.

  • The EZ Clamp Spring looks like a neat idea to make the stock clamps slightly less annoying—I’m going to give ’em a go…

  • Tempted to buy second hand/ new (at a premium) bromptons and sell them in Paris....the prices around Paris seem too silly not to exploit.

  • Gonna order some too! Thanks for the link!

  • Me too!

  • Is the going rate as insane as Uk?

  • Yes, seem the bikes have some kudos too.

    Seems odd as bikes aren't a special thing. The electric bikes and scooter seem to be everywhere.

  • Put it this way, resellers to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are still making profit buying at RRP - shipping AND taxes borne by buyer!

  • To all those that recommend the quad lock, thanks. Just tested it out on a trip to the supermarket. Seemed rock solid, zero worry about it

  • How old is my friends Brompton - Serial = 166156 BS 6102 Part 1. I understand you can tell how old the are by the serial number - which is now 10 digits long... The Sturmey hub is from 79' so guessing old.

  • Manufactured roughly between February 2001-March 2001. Source is a book called 'Brompton Bicycle, 2nd Edition' (David Henshaw).

  • Does anyone have a brake calliper they want to be rid off?

  • What kind?

  • Any front. I just don’t want to have to fork out for the Swiss stop ones I can only find at the moment.

  • I have spare pads if you need

  • I’ve got an older single pivot brake if you’re interested? Will dig out photos this evening if so.

  • I am currently running 50x13 on a 3 speed SA hub which gives me a 64 inch second gear.

    If l change the sprocket to a 14 tooth for a lower ratio will it bugger up the chain tension or derailleur as this is not a standard combo for Bromptons?

  • Not an issue in my opinion. There is a brompton gear chain length calculator as I have altered my ratios think 52 from 50.. I use sturmey archer cogs as they are cheaper than the brompton ones but are the same.

  • No, be absolutely fine

  • Anyone fitted/using a Ti QR seat clamp on their Brompton?
    Are they any good, or stick with original Brompton parts?

  • Which one you looking at?

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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