Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Just to say my apple green titanium s-type is now sold. Thanks for the interest here!

  • I just bought a battered 3 speed with older gears.
    Can l make a straight swap from the older yellow and black 3 speed SA shifter to the newer bar end type shifter or even the integrated shifter.
    Does it affect other things on the bike?

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  • Any 3 speed shifter works with the SA hub.

  • negative.

    The two posted will both work though,

  • I ordered the thumb shifter so that's good news.

    For future upgrades would the current 3spd integrated brake/gear shifter work with my older hub or would the hub need to be changed as well?

  • New shifter will work with that hub!


  • Great stuff thanks

  • For future upgrades would the current 3spd integrated brake/gear shifter work with my older hub or would the hub need to be changed as well?

    Yes, but there have been more than a few reports on this thread of reliability problems with Brompton's integrated brake/shifter unit.

  • So, what’s the issue when the rear wheel doesn’t stay locked when you pick up the bike, even though the seat post is fully retracted?

  • retracted meaning seatpost dropped all the way into the frame? has your stop disc fallen off?

    take some photos!

  • The plastic disc that the rear shock rubber is mounted on and which the rear triangle latch engages with may have rotated so it doesn't engage any more.

  • Rotate your suspension block, there's a notch there of which the hook latches on.

  • Yes, I mean when it’s folded up and the seat post is dropped down, not when it’s unfolded. The rear wheel drops just enough for the fork hook to disengage, so the front wheel starts to swing out - it means I kinda have to carry it gingerly with two hands, which isn’t ideal

    Edit to add - yes, the stop disc seems to be missing. I wonder how that happened. Will order a new one. Thanks!

  • yes, stop disc holds everything together!

  • Apparently now I need a new brake bolt because they’ve changed... 😫

  • Which brake bolt?

  • Ryan's right about the cables, they need looking at... I'll take it into Brisbane's (only) Brompton dealer for a service and they can tidy them up... Vintage Regal has gone on, let's call it quits... I may spray over the graphics on the chainring, will have to see how much they bother me over the coming weeks...

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  • The end of the toggle chain on my girlfriends Brompton has snapped off inside the hub. The shear is right at the end of the metal pin (not the chain) and has left the threaded part firmly embedded inside the axle.

    Any recommendations on who could look at this relatively quickly and without costing the earth? I'm guessing it's not the easiest DIY task as taking a geared hub apart has always seemed a bit fraught.

    Edit: In East

  • send it to me in somerset if you get no where, ill fix it for kudos / cider

  • cable tie, 2.5mm wide one, 1.5 inches in front of the chainring and 1.5 inches below the hinge clamp!

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  • Isn’t that only for whatever fancy hub that is? Non-dynamo bikes with stock gears shouldn’t need cable ties.

  • All bikes except single speeds should be tied.

    Brompton do not do this, and it shows. Care and attention to detail is important.

  • neat.

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  • How old is the hub?

    Trying to figure out which hub it is.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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