Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • stick it on ebay for 99p, bet it sells for RRP and the rest

  • The older style has a much small contact area!

  • A pair of brand new H6Ls have just popped up on Gumtree near me, a blue one for £1,550 and a raw one for £2,050! Really hope they don't sell.

  • Tempted just to stick a steel fork on it for the peace of mind rather than replace it. Should I be concerned about the rear too? Think it’s a 2012

  • Can probably supply you a cheapo one!

    Rear ti, only issue i have seen was from a crash!

  • I'll be listing a M1E soon which I have converted to M2L.

    We'll see what it fetches!

  • I’m listing a custom painted, chpt3 “tribute” s2e ;)

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  • Noice!

    I was REALLY tempted to make this a 3 speed with a MiniMOD kit but I already have the 2 speed one so stuck with it instead.

    Took it out for a ride today and yeah it feels quicker that my M6R-X. Probably due to the lighter weight and yeah 'spinnier' hub!

  • I love a good Brompton trip!

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  • Swanage:

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  • Those two pics bring memories flooding back, used to drink in The Museum with my schoolmates and also spent a bit of time in Swanage as my mate's family have a house down there... He grew up and worked in Covent Garden which was why we always drank in pubs in the West end... Good times, thanks for the memory jog! #csb

  • Guys (maybe @Rhobbs),

    Could you help me out. The gf's Brompton's rear brake was super stiff, so pulled out the brake cable for a clean and re-oil. However, I noticed the caliper itself is quite stiff... i.e. you push it together, but it doesn't spring back readily.

    Any advice? It's a 2012 model.

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  • Squirt a light oil like GT85 on the pivot points and give it a good wiggle.

  • Blast it with WD40, failing that maybe a new caliper.

  • Check the spring bar on the back side, should have a little black sheath on it that allows it to slide a bit smoother, can get blocked with crud

  • You can disassemble them fairly easily and clean the gunk out of the pivots properly. No need for a new calliper.

  • Cheers for the replies. Will disassemble, clean, oil etc. 😘

  • wet lube on the top and left pivot, on the back of the right hand side is a brass housing over the spring, pull the brake, lube that and on/off the brake to get the lube inside!

    The gold brakes are brill except the 10mm hex not being allen key headed

  • Bought a sweet work stand so I've FINALLY managed to get the Suginos on my M6R... LOOKS GREAT!! Couldn't get the Brompton pedals off the cranks so just chucked some flats I had lying around on there, I like them, think they're gonna stay... Cheaper than buying some black Brompton jobs... Happy! Ish...

    Saddle next!

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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