Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Probably best to switch your user name from userxxxxxx then. Raises suspicions, fairly or not.

  • People are rarely as emotionally invested in the fortunes of anonymous internet businesses they have no relation to as they are in their favourite football team, so your analogy isn’t very convincing.

  • Its also not a crime to buy cheap and sell expensive as they might be doing

    Your/their advertised prices are less than the retailers they've scraped their site content off.

  • got through the batch of bikes, now onto fun stuff!

    first up,

    H3L in sjsc spec.

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  • y u no work on my bike first? :-(

    I am disappoint.

  • its in the stand after I have a hoover!

  • I bet you say that to all the clients.

  • I've got a 2006 titanium fork and discovered cracks on both blades near the dropouts.

    Got in touch with Brompton who don't recommend repairing them. I've emailed Vernon Barker and they're willing to take a look, given a rough estimate of £100.

    Anyone had similar repairs done or recommend against them? Has the fork design changed at all in the intervening years?

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  • What’s he planning to do to repair them?

  • .

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  • Those are cracks?! Fuck me I'm surprised I've never had an accident. I've never checked any of my bikes over to the level of detail that would have let me spot that!

  • Ok ok. I believe you.

  • Suggested a bead of weld. He's only going off photos but thinks it's fixable.

    Pretty sure they're cracks rather than scratches, one seems to open up a bit if I flex the dropout. They are tiny though!

  • Voila.


    Will finish off tomorrow am.

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  • Is mine next? ;D

  • Noice.

  • If the hinge is fine but I just want to swap a rear triangle, is it just a case of replacing the two bolts with a dab of thread lock, or will the spindle need replacing?

  • If you use the heat up, melt loctite method, you can clean with wire brush a little and refit with fresh loctite.

    Or gimme an email and I’ll send you some fresh bolts.

  • I’ve just redecorated my hallway and got rid of some old furniture, now I have space for my bikes. I’m looking for some storage cubes, one above the other, to hold two folded Bromptons, a little like the white ones used in shops, but just for two. Anyone got any good leads on where I might get something like this?

  • One of these minus the internal shelves is a near perfect fit for a Brompton.­ving-unit-white-20275814/

  • You’re a star, thanks! Perfect.

  • Can’t fault these, got about 30 of them in the shop!

  • The Brompton l am borrowing has a sheared easy wheel mount on the rear triangle.
    Has anyone successfully epoxied a nut in here or does it need some brazing done?

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  • :(

    I have always heard the advice that is replace the rear triangle; they are not that pricey

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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