Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • How many miles have you done for it to get Grindy?

    This last folding pedal (second version that used the 24mm mounting bolt) has lasted 3 1/2 years with I guess around 1500 miles. I suppose I could open up the seal, clean it out and try re-greasing it, but I would prefer a pedal with an inner side that protrudes from the crank less.

  • Would Paul e brake levers safely work on an S type Brompton?

  • anything short pull is fine, but they are short levers, better off with longer blades

  • I have trp discs?

  • spyre? short pull.

  • Yes (Spyre mechanical which is short pull) would the e lever have enough pull? On Paul's blurb it says for bikes with a second braking method eg fixed gear...though when I rode fixed I never found the rear wheel that useful as a brake.

  • the e lever is short pull, just has a very small lever blade so probably the best option imo

  • I have used them on fixed gear bikes...and they are really nice to look at...Paul Cantis cost a lot more and difficult to get in the UK... don't want to be either flying over the bars or not stopping.

  • Would Paul e brake levers safely work on an S type Brompton?

    I've used them for the last three years on an S-type with stock Brompton calipers (with Ti Parts Workshop ti bolt sets, but they won't affect braking efficiency). Haven't crashed yet. Well, not because of the brakes. I crashed once when I forgot that my Brompton is fixed gear and tried freewheeling, and a second time when an SPD pedal explodinated without warning. Never had a problem with the levers though.

  • Pictorial proof:

  • Looks beautiful...only did that once when learning to ride fixed...I learnt from the somewhere that the eLever should only used in conjunction with another braking system, eg, fixed gear but not as the sole brake levers...would you agree with that assessment? The Brompton in the photo is fixed or multi geared?

  • At the time the photos were taken, it had gears - a 5 speed SA rear hub. I then converted it to fixed gear, with a Powertap power meter track hub. The fixed gear system worked fine, but one of the few downsides of the Powertap track hub is that you can't use it to slow the bike down, at least not much. If you try to do a rad whip skid, the hub internals unscrew themselves and bad things happen quite quickly. I know this from personal experience, albeit not on that bike. So you can't really use the fixed gear to slow down, not much anyway.

    Once I've finished building my new cross bike, the Brompton will be rebuilt with (amongst other changes) a 3 speed derailleur system and a freewheel hub. I'll be keeping the levers. They don't provide that much mechanical advantage, but IME it's enough.

    So, tl;dr, no I don't agree. They do the job.

  • new bags look so much nicer, will be getting a new one it seems!­s

  • How did it handle being fixed? I assume you used the standard tensioner? Skidable? Use two calipers still?
    What hub did you use?

    Sorry for all the questions you've just pricked my ears to summin that could be very fun

  • It rode well, unless you tried freewheeling while out of the saddle, in which case it crashed hard. I modibodgified a standard 6-speed tensioner. Not skidable, as trying to skid a Powertap rear hub makes Bad Things Happen when the internal torque tube unwinds itself - that's why Powertap track hubs use splined White Industry cogs rather than conventional threaded cogs. Still used two calipers, yes - I do on any non-track fixed gear bike. Used a Powertap track hub, modified to reduce the OLN.

    Picture of modibodgified chain tensioner below:

  • £385 not too bad, it's quiet nice!

  • I’d like a shot of someone cycling whilst wearing it in this fashion.

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  • At that price, I will have two! 😹

  • I suppose it's less than half what Brooks wanted for their Timothy Everest collaboration with similar shoulder straps...

  • Hilarious.

  • Holy Hipsters, BromptonMan! To the BromptonCave, caped crusader...

  • Like the idea of the rucksack bag until i saw this:

  • Im a fan tbh, the new bags are an improvement generally.

    I think sacking off the T bag was a mistake, the new version Borough L is 3l smaller and the rear pockets are not my cuppa!

  • Not saying it's all bad, just this one tbh, but i do like this design though (purely because it is waterproof:

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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