Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Thanks @andyp and @JurekB for your recommendation for Compton Cycles, will get something sorted out with them. Cheers

  • one out the door, next one starts

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  • I could be interested, what sort of price?

  • Soz put up a sale thread and it's gone!

  • What rear triangle is that?

  • Vostok, only 2 left now.

    What a nightmare... beautiful products, horrendous time dealing with them a a company.

  • Greetings from a Brompton user in Sheffield. I ride what was an early 2000s T6 bought from new, which is now a low-geared SA 3-speed (thanks to SJS for recently supplying a neat H&H 40t chain ring with its built-in chain guard).

    I do the main maintenance myself, but have any folks on the list used a dealer in Yorkshire or Derbyshire they can recommend for the trickier jobs like rear hinge servicing? The last dealer I used for the rear hinge in the Midlands did a sloppy job, which only got corrected after being sent to Brompton for their comment. Thankfully it is fine now.

  • Not sure how close but always heard good things about cycle heaven in York?

  • I think the Edinburgh Bike Coop in Leeds does Bromptons? Recall hearing good things about them.

  • Thanks for the suggestions about repairs in York and Leeds. I'll pop in Cycle Heaven's Brompton shop in Station Road, York, next time I'm there for a day trip and have a browse around.

  • More Rohloff disc fun

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  • Definitely Cycle Heaven in York, definitely not Edinburgh bikes in Leeds. Seen a Brompton they used a chisel on to extract the seatpost bush...

  • Am wondering if the hinge is that hard to do yourself.

  • No, if you know what to do and have the right tools.

  • What size hammer do I need ;)

    The reamer (allegedly brompton specific) is the only specialist tool I can see.

    This is all a bit academic really as I am no where near sandblasting and painting the replacement rear triangle.

  • replacing with a newly painted? What’s up with the old one?

  • Rusted through center brace.

    It's lynx by the way, I re named myself ElephantBreath as I though farrow and ball ElephantsBreath was a joke colour made up by radio 4 comic writers, I was wrong and it is a real colour. So decided to change my name for my own amusement.

  • Ouch - and they're electric dealers, too, so should really know better...

    Cycle Heaven are a great shop - I've bought Brompton bits there before - but I thought Leeds might be more convenient from Sheffield.

  • Ah roger!

    Well, I could get that fixed for you or you can message me when ready and I’ll acquire it off you for a sneaky project!

    You got a triangle now? I have a spare!

  • I have the, new to me replacement triangle. No longer have access to the shot/sandbasting.

    Like the idea of every bit of the frame being a different colour.

  • That sounds fun.

    Matt @ the powder shack or Warren at Bristol Motorcycle powder coating have both been spot on for me.

  • Thought I had mentioned the colour idea before, make the bike unique. Unnickable. Loss of free blasting changes a few things.

  • This is what happens if you’re not quick enough picking your folded Brommie up at the top of an escalator

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  • Your bloody easy wheel got lost mate!

  • Can I dibs the old rear triangle to repair mine?

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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