Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • What rims? How much for the wheelset?

  • Minimods 22mm, £84 for rims, hope hubs are £230 or so, £85 build inc spokes

  • More shop stuff... anyone fancy an alfine11 Brompton? Non disc with ti fork / triangle on a gloss black lacquer frame / stem ideally...

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  • This is one of the nicest and cleanest build! Kudos!!

    How much RRP with all the mods?

  • Merci!

    It’s about £2k five or take, customer provided a lot for this;

    Depends if you buy a bike and modify, buy a bike and it’s modified (parts off not paid for etc, or built from a frame.

    £420 frame, £395 triangle, £295 fork, £170 stem, wheels like £400 = £1670

  • goss black lacquer

    Matt or Luke? :)

  • Oh whoops! Gloss**

  • Update on 2 people on 1 brompton. Yes, possible. 1 person balances precariously on the top tube, other person cycles as normal.

  • New style anchorage ordered and on the way, should have my bike back tomorrow! 🤗

  • You assume its going to take less than a day to put that thing together...

  • Early brake lever inner cables are pear ends(road) and the newer brake lever inners are barrel (mtb)

  • I've never heard of Matt and Luke Gloss. :)

  • Spam: Selling the m-type stem and bar i took of my ages back­24/#comment14992957

  • Got a lightly used 6 speed wheel and a SV8 dynamo front wheel (both silver) to sell for a friend.

    Will make an ad shortly

  • Mechanic was great, new anchorage was missing a grub screw but he bodged something out of the old shifter... Haven't had a chance to ride it yet, looks great but folding is compromised a bit... Non-standard bars, innit? I'll give it a good once over tomorrow...

  • defo need some 800mm bars.

  • My shiney new Brompton arrived in the store today and I can collect it monday!

    The question is, what lights should I get? Living in London they only need to be sufficient to help people spot me rather than lighting up a dark road. Are there any options besides the Cateye ones that won't impact on the fold?

  • Anything on the seat post (if you have the extended one), and most 'be seen' bar lights won't impact the fold

  • Do you mean the standard Brompton Cateye lights? I got a cheap pair of Cateye Orbs that work well as be-seen lights; depending on how you mount them on the front they don't interfere with the fold, or you can just swivel them around the bars and out of the way. I went for the battery rather than the USB rechargeable models as I only ever use them as backups to my dyno lights.

  • Cool, thanks.
    Unsure about extended seat post, I ordered it C&C when slightly drunk on Wednesday night and didn't look at the finer details :o
    I guess I'll find out monday!

  • Sounds like I should be good to get any lights then, ta. Hopefully I'll be able to pick something up in the black friday sales.

  • I use the Brompton saddle specific Cateye on the rear - it works even though I don't have a Brompton Saddle.
    On the front I use a modified Hope Vision One on an Exposure quick-release mount fitted to the LH half of the handlebars - plenty bright and the mount doesn't foul the fold.

  • I would get the new-ish Kong big cobber for the rear. They’re amazing for max exposure and visibility IMHO. (Granted they’re quite expensive but can you put a price on safety)

  • If you’re too in keeping with a Brooks saddle I would get a fizik saddle with a cateye mount. No compromise with your folding issues.

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  • Congratulations!

    Brompton 400 Cateye is pretty good, get the xlite100 saddle mounted rear for £10-15 online and jobs a gooden.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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