Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Steve parry build!

  • Er, why?!

  • well the fun and games continues with brompton.

    I've now had a response from Mamachari who whilst they didnt supply to bike to me, did submit the warranty claim to Brompton.

    Brompton have now replied saying there are a lot of variable that could have caused the seat post to bend, one of which "is an incorrectly adjusted lowes stop disk". they also said "the incorrect way how the customer folding the bike (sic) can also cause this".

    they continue: "also if the rider is close or over the weight limit that would bend the seat post and make the lower part goes pass the lower stop disk".

    "as there is a lot of variables may I please ask you for some additional information? like the rider weight, how the customer folding the bike (sic)"

    I'm not sure really what to say to all this.

  • to be honest I've sort of wasted enough time on this.

    If they reply to my latest email saying get stuffed fatty then I will probably just reject the bike (which remains in the bike shop) as not being fit for purpose and involve the finance company at that point too.

    I am pretty furious about it tbh. not because I cant afford 20 quid for a new seat post (I can) but they clearly dont really gaf - and that really annoys me.

  • You are skinny and you have always followed their official folding instructions (include ref). You are also the only user of the bike -Edit (just seen your reply)

  • Because it's all kind of crack-fuelled awesome? (Though admittedly it looks as if it won't fold beyond possibly the front, at which point the seperable Moulton tandem conversions are radder...)

  • No no, it all folds.

  • .

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  • I was replying to the two people on a brompton at the same time. Having seen the tandem brompton in real life it is awesome.

  • Sounds like a Matthew response.

    ( amirite @r.hobbs )

    Can’t believe this has been such an issue. It’s a bent £20 seatpost.

    They do not bend easy.

  • Brompton service has gone down shitter since they employed a load of clueless noobs (over the past 2 years) that know fuck all about bikes, and less about customer service. Absolutely diabolical. No common sense, no business acumen, no motivation, no passion. Pissy robots.

  • A little bit of idle googling indicates the bloke at Brompton who is now appearing to ask if I'm retarded and fat, up to fairly recently, he actually worked at Evans.

    He's probably the bloke who put the bloody thing together in the first place and he's covering his arse.

  • Yeah, agreed.

    £20 post is ridiculous to get waffled up about on a bike sale.

  • So good people have worked at evans ;)

  • Can we just declare you as the official brompton LFGSS dealer and we get everything from you?

  • I mean, honoured to take the title but we cannot ignore there are definitely a few brilliant shops in the UK to mention!

    But honestly, anything like this seatpost bullshit would have been a 5 minute resolution, “ah that’s odd, please be assured it’s not something we see often - my only experience of a bent post was my personal misuse and a factory fault that’s easily resolved. Here’s a new seatpost have a rad day...”

    Shops who warranty little parts with Brompton then wait xxx time for a reply are super hard for the customer to deal with. I get it, but offering service is one of the only reasons physical shops still exist...

  • This really illustrates how Brompton can be utter shithouses. All for a seat post that is a couple of quid at cost.

  • Yep. I mean I could understand it if would mean they would get a q of people trying it on for a new seat post but it's obvious to all and sundry it's bent and the rest of the bike is fine and has clearly been looked after.

    I'd prefer it if they just said no sorry we think you've bent it and we aren't going to help you instead of feigning like they actually gaf.

    I might drop their CEO an email over this. He might not bother to reply, but surely he would want to know the people that represent his organisation are acting like this ?

    I truly will never give Brompton another 1 penny piece if they tell me to get stuffed. Which is very unfortunate for them because for tax purposes I'll be needing to buy a bike on the ctw scheme year shortly.

  • I’m moving to new pastures tomorrow but have been working at a “premier” dealer for past couple of years.

    If we feel it’s warrantable, which 99% of the time it is, we replace broken/faulty parts from stock then submit the warranty request as a concluded affair ie “seatpost bent, possibly since new as not been going up and down smoothly, we have replaced from stock, please send replacement”

    We have only ever been challenged once, when reporting a failed BB (couple of months old, light rider, few miles) just a dodgy BB. The member of staff insisted on a photo of it to show the issue... Obviously, it was a sealed unit and looked perfectly fine from the outside, so we took him some artistic photos of it in different locations in and around the shop. Completely pointless and a waste of our time, but it shows the level of understanding you’re up against.

    It’s a shame as they’re customer service used to be exemplary.

  • The guy who I initially dealt with I'm not sure of his name but he had very long hair.

    The bloke that I've been dealing with over email is called Julian.

    I cannot say I've been particularly impressed. Julian emailed me and said 'unfortunately they have declined your claim, regards' when what they actually said was 'it could be caused by lots of things can we have further information please'.

  • I've now heard directly from Brompton , which is fair enough. I think this is down to the crap bike shop to be fair. Whilst I appreciate they didn't supply the bike to me, why be part of the authorised Brompton dealer network if you aren't going to properly deal with the aftercare issues that come with that ?

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    We were surprised to receive an email from you stating that your claim had been rejected and do apologise that you have been told this by your local store.

    I can confirm that your local store did submit a warranty claim, however, would like to reassure you that we had not rejected the claim. The information required in order to allow us to access the submission had not been attached. As a result, we requested some further information from the store and were awaiting this information before taking any decision. In general, we will require information such as rider weight, bike condition and how the bike is used.

    While we have not received these details from the store, we do thank you for providing us with this information.

    The particular issue which you have experienced is very unusual. There are several reasons which could lead to this occurring, such as rider weight exceeding the weight limit or due to the bike being used in conditions outside of those which the bike is designed for. From your information, it certainly does not appear that this has been the case.

    I can confirm that we have created a free of charge order for a new seat post and that this will be dispatched to your local store. Once received they will be in contact with you in order to arrange fitment and collection.

    I do hope that this experience has not negatively impacted the enjoyment of riding your bike. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns, I am always happy to contact you by phone if this would help.


    Brompton Bicycle

    For the avoidance of doubt this was the totality of the input from Julian at my friendly local bike shop (I'm not sure there was any room for any ambiguity in his response and he was clearly trying to wash his hands of the whole thing)

    'Hi Jack,

    We've had a reply from Brompton, and im afraid your warranty claim has been rejected'

    Anyway a happy ending of sorts. Assuming I actually get the bike sorted and Collected in a reasonable timescale.

  • Next time, come speak to me?

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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