Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • You're a good man ! I'll hopefully know one way or another if I need to take advantage of your very kind offer In a few days time.

  • Fgs.

    This is not how to do business.

    Just replace it and take it up with Brompton later.

  • Ordered the newest levers/brifters today, those and the black Sugino 75s left to go on and the transformation will be complete!!

  • PSA, sort of, those IKEA bags that fit Bromptons were in IKEA MK for £3 today. Thimpu I think? None left in the dump bin, would have looked around for more but CBA with the hordes ..

  • Dimpa bags are highly regarded

  • That's it, Dimpa. Sounds Himalayan somehow.

  • Ikea at the weekend, what are you thinking? Do you Ikea on a bank holiday too?

  • No, not at all have a spare standard seat post, and they are not worth anything, as lots around as they are changed for the extendable post. As I said I am only keeping it to use as an extension. So a bent one would make no difference to me.

    Thank you for the sentiment tho.

  • That is why you are the LFGSS brompton dealer of choice ;)

  • Also to anyone still using the old plastic body levers, upgrade them to the newer metal body levers as they improve even the old side pull brake calipers.

  • Plastic body levers on new brakes is actually not terrible too...

    From junk to happy

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  • Shop revamp is taking place...

    Steve parry popped in too, he’s done all the modifications, years before anyone else

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  • No idea, on the early levers on later brakes as I didn't go that way.

    What is the brake pads that are good? Swissstop or koolstop?

    Also nice rack and baskets.

  • SwissStop bxp

    Renovation continues...

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  • Ha.. first time in there in a decade, necessary purchase. It was a kind of hell as expected.

  • Where is this shoppe ?

  • Bridgewater, Zummerzet.

  • Cidershire!

    Brompfication products now back in stock too!

  • We in bizniz...

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  • general question for all.
    What is the maximum weight you would trust on a Brompton?
    (friend and I fit under the max weight limit but don't want to snap anything)

  • Well given my bent seat post saga I'm not sure.

    I weigh roughly 13 stone. I don't think I'm particularly fat. But the seat post still has managed to bend itself.

    I think the upper weight limit is 16 stone from memory?

  • I’m 95kg or so. Only had issues with a bent post when dropping off bus curbs seated...

    Other chap with the b75 is just unlucky and the shops are being shit.

  • Brompton recommends max 110kg (including luggage). My friend and I are both sub 55 so should be fine on the one bike. I'll test it out on one of the Brompton hire bikes first and report back.

  • You're going to try and fit two people on a Brompton at the same time?

  • At 55kg you have nothing to worry about!

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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