Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • all brompton dealers
    You wait til you get your bike back...

    I know the junction have refused fitting marathon plus tyres before...

  • I’m a bike shop, you can leave it with me and collect when you’re free, if you can’t find anyone local.

  • You tried Bikefix on Lamb Conduit Street yet? Authorized Brompton dealer and up the road from Holborn too.

  • touring in Europe and in the Pyrenees

    The Pyrenees bit would put me off the Brompton. Great bike overall, esp for commuting, but imho the handling isn't great once out of a town/commute situation. I've ridden mine (s-type) for 30+ miles around the Chilterns and it's fairly terrifying at speed downhill. I've seen people in the Alps touring on them though, and a bag on the front does calm it down a bit, but it wouldn't be my choice as much as I'd like it to work in places like that. My old Dahon with the re-bar type frame is a much calmer, more confident ride at speed in hilly areas but isn't close the the fold or quality of the Brompton.

  • Personal preference, experience etc. I have no issue flying along on a Brompton at 30mph down hills in Somerset...

  • Oh sure, some will have no issues with it. Just imo/ime. The roads here are in a fairly bad state and that's part of the problem. I've no problem hitting good speeds on my road bike here but I still find the Brompton a real handful. It's the low trail figure mainly. The Dahon has more trail and a bigger wheel, 40mm tyres etc, all helps.

  • Bikefix did a great job of only half-fixing my Brompton and then charging me again for the stuff they’d not done properly.

  • Can't comment on that, never had any issues when I've dealt with them.

  • People have done PBP and LEL on a brompton.

  • Fair dues to them.. I saw a guy riding the other way down Col Angel on one in September. He was going quite steadily as I expect I would too, but was probably just as happy as any other rider there.

  • Lent my Brompton to a mate who did a tour of Thailand with his girlfriend on Bromptons. #wingman

  • What bag do I want?

  • You tried Bikefix on Lamb Conduit Street yet?

    Had a terrible experience there 10 years ago; smug and rude. I will never go there again.

    @cake, you OK hun?

  • yus.

    I just need someone to tell me what brompton bag to buy

  • To put on your Brompton or to put your Brompton in?

  • I just need someone to tell me what brompton bag to buy

    I've got 3 different versions, the "touring" one (old version from 10 years ago), a cute small black canvas one with leather straps, and the mega basic open shopping basket one... Recently that's the one I've been using the most, I just throw whatever bag (ortlieb saddle bag, backpack, etc used the rest of the week when using a full size bike) in it and boom! Flexible capacity if shopping because opened, I add my good old cotton waxed poncho on rainy day... Completely faff free, and the cheaper option, even if not the most desirable, trend-wise...

  • I’d say s bag, as that’s what I’ve got, of their new borough??? bag which is a smaller black and grey version of the explore bag. Roll top, pockets for bottles and keys, and a shoulder strap for carrying.. £120 seems decent value..

    this one­-store/bags/borough-l-in-dark-grey/c-24/­c-72/p-8674

  • game bag obvs

  • I’ve never tried one myself but does it make the already skittish handling worse or better? Tbh I just sling my faithful old Timbuk2 over my back and that’s it, which is exactly what I’m doing in about 5 mins time. Not well enough to do my usual commute to it’s the overground for me today, which is why brommies are so bloody useful

  • @Rhobbs , you busy man, are you still thinking about a child seat thingy for Brompton?
    Nursery taxi isn't working very well atm :) (I'm only walking the bike like this...)

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  • Bromptons handle much better with a bit of weight over the front wheel. You lose most of the twitchiness in the steering.

  • yes, still planning something!

    I actually rode my friend all of 50metres to his car on my rack the other day... 65kg of a skinny man arrived alive!

  • Thanks. I’m not sure I really want one but if it helps the steering then I’ll blag one and try it out.

  • Got an email from the bike shop I dropped it off at to say they've raised a warranty claim over the bent seat post and will let me know when they hear more. They've had the bike for a few days now.

    Seems an awful lot of fucking about for a low price part but there it is.

  • Seat post waiting for you if you need the bike ;)

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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