Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • SJSC3 is special yes. Any bar type/colour from the standard range.
    If you want guards its £845.
    Brompton do not allow "custom" bikes advertised, so its not on the site.

    We have previously posted photos on instagram -­

    You need new bars / shifters / levers

    The old m stem is short and short reach, so flat bars = very low and very short.

    Mid rise bars work well, I’ll find a photo of the build before.

    Why not just buy an s type though? Your going to spend the same cash but have cheaper parts..

  • fuck B75, listen to @R.hobbs

  • You can fit the B75 shifters and levers to any bars you like. The new gear lever design isn’t necessarily an improvement.

  • You want to discuss the brake levers?

    The old shifters are somewhat functional but no ergonomic thought.

    In other news, just finished this

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  • ^^
    Re. the B75, i chose the S1E over it.
    1st & definitely not my last, next one with gears though!

  • Most schemes had a £1000 limit but this summer there was new guidance issued which changed things, it's just taking a while for schemes to update and perhaps get FCA registration

    This guidance isn't that useful.
    No employer will get FCA registered unless they need it for their business/are authorised already.
    It is far too onerous a requirement to do this so either HMRC will have to agree a carve-out for salary sacrifice loans or it will require the operator of the scheme to be registered.

    Cyclescheme appear to be authorised so I suspect using them or similar will be the best route to allow more than £1k purchases.­ailsPage?id=001b000003LFJsCAAX

  • You said the B75 “needs” new shifters and levers. I mean yeah, if you want the new shifters, but otherwise there’s nowt wrong with what you get.

  • The levers are frankly unsafe. Brakes that are always soft and pull to the bar? No thanks.

  • | No employer will get FCA registered


    (Although bits of the NHS are registered in one way or another)

    | Cyclescheme appear to be authorised

    I believe Cycle Solutions and Cycle2Work are too.

  • Ah ok, the SJSC3 sounds like a good option then. Where is the cost saving compared to the standard S3L/M3L models, if the stem/brakes/levers are all the post-2017 variety?

  • an M3L is £1010.


  • Sorry, I should clarify, how do you build it for £250 less than a M3L?

  • We use a Sturmey archer SRF3 hub - slightly closer gears than a BSR. Both wheels are built to SunCR18 rims. The front hub is sealed bearing from Jtek.

    The pedals, saddle and pentaclip is lower spec and there are no mudguards!

    Thanks :)

  • C clips are here! Plus upgrade DR springs...

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  • Quite keen to give this a go - is it relatively straight forward? Have a 2018 S2L

  • Yes, a little fiddly fitting the spring and stuff but nothing too stressful

  • What are they and do they come in black? 😂

  • Thinner clip = 3 sprockets, stiffer spring = better shifting

  • So grips.. cut mine off to get a new shifter on, the lock on grips I've got knocking about are way too long. What are people using?

  • I can custom cut you some Ergon grips, grip shift grips are a tad short for my hands but work for the actual set up assuming pre 2017, otherwise just change the bars to something wider

  • What’s the go to shifter for this? Can I use the indexed 3 speed for the SA hub that attaches to the brake lever?

  • Yes, but i favour a friction shifter, Sunrace M90 works lovely.

  • Anyone fancy a purple metallic fork / triangle?

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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